Dalai Lama-Dharma-Dharamsala,Yoga Meditation Retreat,Teachings Dharamsala,Dharamshala,Dharamsala Miniguide,Dharamshala Miniguide,Dalai Lama Teachings, India !

dalai lama-dharma-dharamsala..Yoga, Meditation Retreat..!

This website belongs to Dharamshala Tours and Travels. The Founders  Sangeeta and Arvind Gurung have a collective travel experience of over 50 years. We specialize in organizing tours in the HImalayan regions of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

Discover Dalai Lama Dharma Dharamsala Yoga Meditation Retreat in Dharamshala,India..

We take you on your journey of Dharamshala Miniguide. We hope you will learn in these chapters of Dharamsala Miniguide the relevance of Peace and Compassion in the Dalai Lama Teachings !

dalai lama-dharma-dharamsala,Dalai Lama, Dharma, Dharamsala, Yoga, Meditation, Retreat,Dharamshala India,Dharamshala Miniguide..!

In the home of dalai lama-dharma-dharamsala-yoga-meditation-retreat.. Rejuvenate yourself with tibetan energetics, tibetan healing techniques and ayurveda health. Travel with Dharamshala Tours and Travels. Our website Dharamsala Miniguide can help you study history of tibetan monks,give you  list of tibetan place names and rituals of tibetan buddhism.Book with us and  attend dalai lama main teachings in Dalai Lama Temple. Learn about Amitabha karmapa and  learn the tibetan chants of 21 taras in Dharamsala Miniguide with the monks !

Visit Dalai Lama home in dharamsala, Chant in tibetan monasteries and visit alternative tibetan medicine practitioners. Dharamsala has the most famous Tibetan Medical and  Astrological Institute. Dharamsala Tours and Travels can help you get your tibetan astrological   charts for youself. Enjoy the tibetan flavours of Mcleodganj in dharamshala, amidst the hubbing flea market, selling local tibetan food,wine.. steamed momos ! Experience shopping like a celebrity in Buddha Bazaar...for refugees welfare buying tibetan duvet covers,tibetan fur hats, tibetan singing bowls...

Dalai Lama Dharma Dharamsala Yoga Meditation Retreat in India..Spoil yourself with warm, homely hospitality in scenic himalayan retreats like Vidya Niwas and tibetan homes. Dharamshala also offers an exciting range of Hospitality in standard and five star hotels. You can book through us as part of your holiday program. Enjoy the scenic  mountains and enhance your Himalayan experience by drinking our popular kangra herbal tea . Our town of Dharamsala is also famous for  Tibetan Butter and Herbal Tea an ancient Buddhist  tradition coming down for centuries from the travelling Tibetan Monks . Go through our Dharamshala Miniguide and we at Dharamsala Tours and Travels will help you experience the soft himalayan adventures offered in the Himalaya mountains in the Himalayan town of  dharamshala.Enjoy reading all about  the ever smiling mountain people of the kangra valley in dharamsala miniguide. The nomadic Gaddi shepherds, Tibetan Buddhist refugees, the brave Gorkha warriors and smiling Rajputs from the Katoch dynasty have made this town an interesting panaroma of different local culture and traditions.  In your trip to the the India Himalayas, have a green vacation in dalai lama-dharma-dharamshala,yoga meditation retreat !

Some of the highlights of a Himalayan Holiday which you can enjoy and carry back home..eternal memories ! 

His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala !

You can contact us for a Himalayan Holiday in Dharamsala with Buddhist Flavors ! The Dalai Lama Teachings are hosted two to three times in  a year. You can us for registeration to make it a part of your vacation.

Butter Lamps at Dalai Lama Temple in Mcleodganj Street.

The Buddhist Tibetan Community will light Butter lamps for Peace and Prosperity while praying to Lord Buddha.

Yoga Meditation in Dharamsala

You can contact us for a Yoga Meditation Retreat in Dharamshala India !

Index for dalai lama-dharma-dharamsala,yoga,meditation,retreat.. We have tried to provide you with maximum information on your visit to Dharamsala. In 'Reaching Dharamsala' page you can find your options to travel to Dharamsala. There is a big activity chart on the side column of 'Contact US' page wherein Dharamsala Specials can provide you with a better insight in all what you can do during your trip here.

**Travellers comments on Dalai Lama,Dharma,Dharamsala,Yoga Meditation,Retreat :

" The food-the surrounding area,the walks,the Himalayas, warm hospitality of the local hosts.. perfect holiday for enjoying India..." Ann & Steve Brick (San Francisco -USA).

Special Hospitality : " Vidya Niwas..the Mountain Retreat in Dharamsala is the land of our dreams,everything here has made us happy. The food,every bite is a celebration of love..." Mindy Frost (Virginia -USA)

Dharamsala Travel,Compassion and Volunteering Dalai Lama Town,Dharamshala,Dharamsala Miniguide!

" Whenever I meet even a foreigner I have always the same feeling..Iam meeting another member of the human family. This attitude has deepened my affection and respect for all beings. "

* His Holiness The Dalai Lama

**For A Health and Healing Program..View the video below: (Music Credit- 'Sky Kisses Earth..Prem Joshua.)

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Dharamsala - The Spirit of the Mountains - Dalai Lama Dharma !!!
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