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Dharamsala Weather Series 2016

“ We can choose to believe that superstorm sandy, and the most severe drought in decades, and the worst wild fires the states have seen were all just a freak coincidence Or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming  judgement  of science – and act before  it is too late."

We  will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations.  We will maintain our forests and waterways, our croplands and snow-capped peaks. That is how we will preserve our planet, commanded to our care by God.That’s what will lend meaning to the creed our fathers once declared.”

..President Barack Obama on Climate Change.


Today and yesterday, weather plays a very important role in our daily lives. The Universe looks up to one Himalayas, our ocean waters touch many shores, our forest line give shelter to all around the globe..natural earth heritage  was  born much before countries could be divided..much before man became human and learnt to use the resources..Sangeeta Gurung.

Tomorrow's generation is crying out,  to make one Universal Policy on Environmental Conservation & Climate Change. Let our global leaders do their job and we the citizens, can  make Green Living a part of our life, at home and while travelling..!

Dharamshala, lies in the  state of Himachal Pradesh in India and is  flanked by the mighty Dhauladhar Range,  which are the foothills of the Great Himalayas. Enjoy the green traditions of our state on this Eco Tour.

Dharamsala Weather in all Seasons
November & December..!

Dharamshala Weather...Travel Tips..
What to carry with you while you travel...!

Dharamsala India


Monsoon Months

July, August

Essential Things to do:

1. Carry Umbrella, Rain Jackets, Gum boots and  Waterproof  Bags.

Autumn Months

September, November

Essential Things to do:

1. Carry Wind Jackets, Umbrella, Light Winter wear and lip cream.

Winter Months

December, January

Essential Things to do:

1. Carry Winter Jackets, Winter caps and woolens. Thermal wear, sun screen and sun tan lotions with moisturising creams.

Spring Months


Essential Things to do:

1. Carry Light Jackets  and light woolens. 

Summer  Months

May, June

Essential Things to do:

1. Carry Light cotton wear and mineral water.

Dharamsala Weather BUZZ..Climate Track

Dharamsala India :  Summer Temperature..Max :  35 o C

                                               Winter Temperature..Mini    :   07 o C

For your daily Dharamshala India Temperature and Weather BUZZ refer to the  Dharamsala Weather on the right hand page column.

Dharamshala Weather News.January February March April May..June,July, August,September, October,November & December 2017

Umbrella Bliss in the rain !

July 2018

Janaury Bliss at the Fire Place !

Janaury 2018.

Winter sunshine and cricket blend together in Dharamsala India ...December, 2017

Sunshine Bliss after the Monsoon...September, 2017

A Rain Walk in Dharamsala...July, 2017

The rains...July 2017 !

Spring in Dharamsala...April 2017

So comforting in the Winter Chill....Febuary 2017

After snow the sunshine...Janaury 2017

Winter Sunshine on the road !

Dharamshala Weather Journey...18th December 2016 !

Best Friend..Umbrella Talks

Enjoy the sudden sun breaks...! 20th September 2016 !

Monsoon Switch !

Wetting your appetite !...11th June 2016!

Summer Pitch !

Thirst on the Road !...2nd June 2016!

No better friend than Water on a hot day !

The Weather chart...8th January 2016!

Dharmshala Calender

Yes ,now nothing can be more precious than the sun and the snow playing hide n seek while we pitch our tents for an out door picnic in the country side!

Dharamsala Weather...2nd April 2015 !

Weather in Dharamsala

The Sunshine often fools us into packing our rain gear away...but the passing clouds have the last laugh...!

Dharamsala weather..30th November, 2014

Every Window a View  !

The winter sunshine is like a mirror in Dharamsala. It brings to the fore the very soul of the mountains..there would be few homes n houses, hotels n retreats who do not have the Himalayas, outside their windows.

In Dharamshala, very often prayer flags, long forgotten by those who have prayed on them, raindrops out of nowhere, snow peaks and sky touching eagle's flight..A welcome greetings for any visitor here..!

**Check out your window views at..Dharamsala..Dharamshala !

Dharamsala Weather, Dharamshala News ..17th November, 2014

A Blushing Romance in the Mountains  !

The Rhododendrons are just blooming in the mountains and soon the hills will be a red carpet to welcome all visitors..!

Weather Notes , Dharamshala India ..22nd September, 2014

Dharamsala Flowers.. !

Enjoy the fragnance of blooming Jasmine even as the Monsoon bids farewell to the hills..!

Weather Notes , Dharamshala India ..08th September, 2014

Dharamsala Vacation.. !

Enjoying the holiday in the HImalayas is an experience..Dharamsala is the right destination to enjoy a vacation of a lifetime..!

Taking the rain challenge, Dharamshala India ..06th August, 2014

Dharamsala Climate.. !

Dharamsala  !! Dharamshala !! which ever way you look at it ,the rains here ,have a certain chemistry with the camera..!

Taking on the rain challenge is a colour full journey of leaps ,bounds and jumps to the other side of the road. Dressed in traditional Tibetan costumes , avoiding the water splash requires the skill of a dancer in rain boots!

A shelter in the Himalayas..13th July, 2014

Dharamsala Weather..Raining Cats n Dogs !

Early morning and we could hear nothing but the sound of thunder and pouring rain..! There was nothing better to do than tune in to some music, hot tea and a book..!

Playing to to the clouds..17th June, 2014

Sound n Music !

Yes..the clouds are gathering steam. Over the mountains, over the pristines heights of the Himalayas, over Pine forests, gurgling streams and the call of the migratory birds..the monsoon is about to arrive in Dharamsala India..!

Spring in Dharamsala..22nd April, 2014


As the spring sets in, our feathered friends visit us once again..the chirping of the Grey sparrows, the flying swallows fighting over their newly built nest, the blue magpie cackling on a branch..surely before man invented a time watch, the seasons were trending the lifestyle of those who seek the skies..!!

India Climate..27th December, 2013

Asked about Dharamsala climate...best time to travel to Dharamsala India..a bit of a jigsaw puzzle for any travel agent. With thoughtless development comes the imbalance of Nature, which often in its wrath can destroy us. Sometimes  it can shock us,  into realizing what it can do to those whose natural habitat is demolished.  Surely the responsibility of a shared Universe rests on all of us..! 

India Weather..26th December, 2013

There is no saying, when the climate change in Dharamsala will touch the mountain peaks. All of us on Christmas however were chilled to the bones and thrilled in the spirit by the spectacular Dharamsala snow kissing the mighty Dhauladhar range. 

Dharamshala India, Chilling Out..25th September, 2013

The valley of Dharamsala with the approach of winter is, the darling child of Father Frost. Evening meals are old fashioned soup n mountain tales..the mornings are drenched with sunshine n hot coffee..!   

Dharamshala Photos, The Joy of Pink..17th September, 2013

There is a mad rush to woo the sun, even as the mountain peaks with the first blister of snow in the valley.  Roses, all a scramble of wild colors on ages old stone walls !

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* Global warming will lead to a weaker Ozoe layer since the stratosphere will get colder due to rising surface temperatures.