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The Himalayan 'Dhauladhar Range'..A Soft Adventure in Green India

The 'Himalayas' or 'HIM-ALAYA' means "The Abode of Snow" straddle across the Northern face of India. From the very start of mankind the mountains have beckoned him, inspired him, given refuge and challenged him. . The mountain chain of the Himalayas; bounded in the North by Tibet, in the North West by Jammu & Kashmir; to its South lies the plains of Punjab and to the East it is bounded by the Garhwal Hills of Uttar Pradesh.

Dharamsala, situated in the Kangra Valley surrounded by the Mighty Dhauladhar Range or 'The White Ridge' is an intergral part of the Himalayas! The height varies from 4500 metres to 5500 metres, this Outer Himalaya has an area of 4066 square kilometres.

Kautilyas 'Arthashastra' provided the Laws relating to forestry and wildlife preservation. For centuries, we have looked up to the Himalayas for their blessings, revered them , enjoyed their beauty and sometime in our personal ambition and growth..have thrived to become taller than them.

Heal Green..is a prayer dedicated to the Himalayas. Our endeavour, is to create 'carbon-free' environmentally friendly, soft adventure activities which are in harmony with the flora and fauna of the mountains and mankind.

Soft Adventure
Rock climbing,mountain picnics,para gliding,camping at truind..!

Soft Adventure treks...In Green Dharamsala!

The best traditional way of discovering the mountains is by exploring the hidden trails leading to it. There are many such soft treks for young n' old, here in this valley.

One of the most popular 09 Kms trek, is from Dharamsala to Triund (2875 m). This 03 hours trek is full of sights , flora and rejuvenation. The midway Galu Devi temple and the Dharamkot Village is a wayward experience. The Moon peak is a spectacular view from here and the night views of Dharamshala town below!

Day Treks are very popular in areas of Kandi village and surrounds.

Anjani Temple in Dharamsala

Village Temple drummer in Dharamsala

Enjoy soft adventure of Village treks..

In Dharamsala there any many ethenic communities living together in harmony in all the villages in the hills. An excursions in these villages gives a good insight of their culture and their way of living, faith and green earth traditions.

The 'Anjani-Mata ' Green Village trek, will take you to this ancient hidden shrine of the Holy Mother of the Monkey God - Hanuman, Energy manisfestation of Lord Shiva...the God of the Universe.

Pong Lake Birds in Dharamsala

Himalayan Monal of Dharamsala

Migratory birds of Pong Lake

Eye-Feasting soft adventure.."Bird Watching"..a passion !

In 2004, one of our early guests of Vidya Niwas presented my daughter with a pair of binoculars. He was an earnest bird-watcher and loved the hill walks and the beautiful himalayan birds he discovered on his way.

Bird watching excursions add a real jest to your vacation here in Dharamsala, India. We recommend a day trip to the Pong Lake to view these rare migratory species.

Himalayan Great Bear of Dharamsala

The Himalayan Leopard of Dharamsala

The Wild Life Soft Adventure in Dharamsala..

Enjoy a day out with a naturalist and Himalayan wild life. The Himalayan Black bears, Leopards, Sambhars, Deers can all be part of an exciting vacation in Dharamsala.

Angling River of Dharamsala

Angling for Fun

Angling..Another Adventure Fun Day...

If you are fond of outdoor angling..then there are some exciting river beds near Dharamsala for trout fishing. Barot river, near Palampur is great where angling is done more for fun by Tourists. After the thrill of catching, the fish is returned back to the river..a different holiday high in the Himalayas !

Himalayan Ricky ride

The Old Age Rickshaw in the Hills ! 

Himalayan Mountain Biking in Dharamsala

Himalayan Mountain Biking .

Energize yourself with Mountain biking around the Villages and the Green Kangra Valley. A cycle ride will take you back to history lanes..Chai/Coffee Chats and a great unforgettable day, in Dalai Lama town of Dharamsala.Mountain Bike Excursions can be organised.

Flora trek in Dharamsala

Flora Trek in Dharamsala

Nature Study Walk.. Flora Trek in the Himalayas !

Nothing can be more interesting and pleasing to the senses than taking a nature walk in the hills, discovering the unique flora of the Himalayas. The fragnance of these rare alpine flowers lingers forever in your life.

Pony ride in Dharamsala

Pony back-ride in Dharamsala..

If you want a joy ride across the Kangra Valley, you can discover it with your own pony...a company for a day !

Yoga activity in Dharamsala

Camp in Dharamsala, India

Outdoor Camp...An adventure with Yoga energetics!

A fresh air outdoor camping is a rejuvenating experience..indulge yourself in a Yoga & Meditation camp in the aromatic air of the Himalayas in Dharamsala India.

Attend H.H The Dalai Lama Teachings with Vedic Cooking Classes.

Hill for Paragliding in Dharamsala

Take your date with nature with us !

Para-Gliding in Dharamsala

The Himalayan Para-Gliding...an adventure of a Lifetime.

Enjoy the lovely scenic views of the Kangra Valley while you are in the air...an unforgettable experience in Dharamsala India.

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A Slate Roof of Dharamsala

" There is a roof in the Himalayas...where the snow melts down ..and a rivulet appears to bring life to Mankind. "

..Arvind Gurung, 2007

For a green soft adventure trek..take the Dalai Lama Tour..Click the Graphic below !

Green Trek

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Green Misty Moment..

It was a morning of miracles, as the monsoon mist drifted away, giving birth to a clear sky. Our Fire Lily was a blaze and striding with success !.." how many of us can boast of catching the dew drops before they slip away "!

07th August, 2011..a sleepy sunday morning on the calendar, we packed a hasty meal of cheese sandwiches n cakes..and took our friend from Europe for a nature encounter to one of the most ancient shrines in Dharamsala...

Mist n Miracles..Even as we were enjoying the sunlight, the ancient Shiva cave..devotees and flowing conversation, there came a drifting cloud and when we asked for blessings we were drenched ! Rain, rain and rain..soggy sandwiches did not seem the menu for the day.

..Bits of cricket news, a wooden shack, old benches and hot chai (tea) with fresh fried pakoras dripping with mustard oil ! Old newspaper is excellent as paper plates, soaking the oil and allowing us to dip our sandwiches in sweet n sour tamarind chutney (sauce). Everything thing had a divine touch of (heaven), the flavor on our tongue, the raindrops which would not dry on our wet hair..and so much more.

What started with a miracle ended with one..the small beetle, heavy with the weight of its wet wings made it to the other side of the road, in the sweet shelter of the bush !.."Life does not happen as we want it to..but, the miracles don't cease" !!

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