Himachal Pradesh Green Heroes..Honour Kinkri Devi, Participate in Eco Friendly & Community Welfare Tourism in Dharamsala - Dalai Lama Abode !

Green terrace of Dharamsala

In Himachal Pradesh, Dharamsala there are many unsung heroes who have in their own way inspired many to look up to the Mighty Himalayas for their blessings, to carry on their endeavours for nurturing 'Mother Earth'.

The green terraced fields where agriculture is done by the local natives have born and nourished many of these, who have protected their lands over centuries inspite of the industrial growth around them. Irrespective of what jobs they are holding they always come back to their land for harvesting of their yearly crops.

The 'Gaddis','Gujjars' and the 'Zamindars'(land owners), have all cherished the life giving energy of 'mother earth'. For me I have found my green inspirations from them.

Honour for Kinkri Devi

The Legend - Kinkri Devi, Himachal Pradesh

In Himachal Pradesh, the year 2007 closed with the sad demise of Smt. Kinkri Devi an environmental activist and winner of the Jhansi Kin Rani Lakshmi Bai Stree Shakti Puraskar 1999.

This page is dedicated to the brave endeavour of this legend, whose battled against 'illegal mining' and deforestation of the nearby green forests for a long time and has contributed much in the banning of irregular slate and stone mining in the state.

She was born in a backward area of Sangrah in a tiny village of Ghaton in Sirmour district. She was a daughter of a poor farmer.

Himachal Pradesh

Slate Mining, Dharamsala

Slate Quarry of Dharamsala

In Himachal Pradesh, it was a relentless struggle and war for her against irregular stone mining which was harming the environment and dangerous for the labourers.A local voluntary organisation helped her fight this case right uptill the Supreme Court of India, where the judgement was in favour of stopping unscientific illegal mining.

She was awarded by various organisations and the Indian Government. In 1995, she was invited by the International Women's Conference in Beijing (China), where her work was recognised by the US Government.

Labourer Home

Village construction

Himachal Pradesh, boasts of the Mighty Dhauladhar ranges of the India Himalaya. They are full of minerals and a treasure of flora and fauna.

Not all of us can be a Kinkri Devi, perhaps it is not even required ! All what we need to do is to understand our responsibility and conciousness towards conserving the delicate mountain ecology of the Himalayas and play our role in contributing viable economy, in the villages.

This page is as much a dedication to not only the efforts of this brave lady, but also to that mining community who had to bear the financial crunch of this ban,.. together with the legal community who sometimes have to take hard decisions.

We as a society need to work hand in hand with the Government and the local villages, in providing alternate means of livelihood for all those families who are affected by these decisions, which nevertheless have to be taken, keeping in mind the future environmental goals.

Tea Gardens of Dharamsala

Green Volunteer, Dharamsala

In Himachal Pradesh.. Dharamsala Tours & Travels is promoting Environment Friendly Tours and Carbon-Free activities. Every guest of ours with us, has shared the responsibility, of contributing towards economic viability in the local community of Dharamsala and India.

Our Green Himalaya endeavour, 'Sanskriti', is dedicated towards Conservation of Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Himalayas. Many Green Earth activities.. like stopping illegal mining, stopping digging of red soil, tree plantations, etc have been a part of this effort.

'Vidya Niwas' our Mountain Home is promoting Himalayan Culture in all the rooms and practising energy conservation initiatives. It has given many memorable moments of joy to all those volunteers and guests who have stayed here with us.

We hope you too can be a part of this Green Himalaya endeavour by staying with us and sharing our travel experience.


Tibetan Horse Archery

Think Green in Himachal Pradesh

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"Travel in Himachal Pradesh and be a part of a Green Solution !"

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