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Dharamsala Treks bring with them all the freshness of the mountain air in Dharamshala India. The Dhuladhar trekking offers a wide range of adventure and dharamshala camping and outdoor treks.  Many search for Triund Trek dharamsala, a Dharamshala reliable trek guide to accompany them in the mountains along with sturdy trek tents, porters and camping equipments.It is important to follow a few important Dharamshala trekking tips while exploring the mountains.

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Yes,  you have got hold of a Triund Trek map in Mcleodganj Dharamsala book shop, your newly made travel friends have told you how to reach Triund, you have figured out the best time to visit Triund...got yourself  sturdy trek tents and Triund looks very inviting and near...but, your best friend in the mountain is your friendly smiling Dharamshala trek guide and your reliable Dharamshala Trek and Travel Agent..!

There is no better companion, than a mountain at breakfast time with hot wake-up 'chai' inside your cozy tents but the same mountain can look completely remote when the dusk draws in with a sudden sweep of mist n fog. Take your briefing seriously, do not venture alone without your trekking guide for your trekking in Dharamshala.Read the trekking tips on the side note.

The Dhauladhar Trekking offers an exciting range of trek routes, overnite Dharamsala camping and day treks with soft adventure activities at scenic spots of Kareri Lake and Lakha Got.  

An exciting Dalai Lama Tour, can be extended to an overnight stay in the mountains along with Soft Adventure, outdoor eco tours and nature walks..!

For an exciting Outdoor Adventure, Dharamshala Camping, Booking your Triund Hotels..Dharamshala Treks..Contact Us at Dharamsala Tours & Travels in India in Main Town Dharamsala.

Some popular trek routes in Dharamsala !

1. 2 nights/3 days Triund trek.This trek can be done as a day trek or one over night trek also.

2. 3 nights/4 days Kareri lake Trek.

3.11 days of exciting Dhauladhar range treks.

4.9 nights/10 days Mcleod ganj to Chamba trek via Indrahar Pass.

5.Exciting Jeep safaris can also be organised which offer their own adventure and thrill in Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh.

6. Exciting and easy nature walks and mountain hike with meals can also be organized for newcomers.

** You can trek on your own individual program OR come with your friends and also join our groups on the same program. Recommended minimum persons for trekking are 02 persons.

** You can take a cycle Tour from the many mountain Bike programs we have for in and around Dharamshala.

** New exciting Trek trails to  mountain camps with the shepherds and bonfires can be experienced.

Make adventure a Learning !

Useful Trekking Tips for Treks in Dharamshala

Useful trekking tips for Dharamsala Treks :

1. Always use the services of an experienced trek guide and a registered Travel Agent. 

2. Inform your whereabouts to your family and friends while on a trek.

3. Carry sufficient batteries, torch, mobile phone, and personal toiletries with trekking maps.

4. Cameras for your personal memories.

5. Proper trekking footwears, boots, rain jackets and compass.

6. Carry your personal snacks, trek cereals, insect sprays, sun glasses and sun screen lotions with mineral water.

7. Do not forget your first aid and medical kit box while camping.

8.Do your area study before you go on trek .

The Nature Excursions in the Dhauladhar Range are a special feature in the India Himalayas..!

The Bir Billing Treks in the Dhauladhar Range are an an feature in the India Himalayas and a great experience awaits for you..! Para Gliding is  a not to be missed sport in Dharamsala. You can enjoy the adventure activities on camp with our experienced guides.

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* We organize fixed Group departures from Feb to Dec every year for popular treks like Triund Trek, Kareri Trek, Indrahar Trek, etc.

*Recommended minimum pax - 02 persons.

Contact us for more details 

* Always remember to extinguish your camp fire before leaving the camp-site.

* The stars and the moon will play hide n seek on your adventure trail. Always pitch your tenting camp before dark.!

* Select an appropriate sleeping bag looking at the season, light one for summers, warm cozy wear for winters and rain proof for a monsoon date with the outdoors.

* Always ensure you have clean and pure water for cooking n drinking. Carrying small iodine bags and bottle filters  for purification is a good idea.

* Always cover your trail by cleaning up your camping site before leaving to ensure a healthy eco-system.

* Always wear moisture free footwear suitable for camping and treks.

* Before setting up your camp and pitching your tents ensure there is no itch irritant vegetation, bugs and wasp nests nearby. Good to wear long sleeved shirts and pants.

* Always make sure you are not lost while camping. Always keep compass, map and GPS device can keep you from disappearing into the land of the lost. 

 *  Sun set means, it's time to retire, always plan your pack up time ,an hour before regular schedule.

* Don't separate yourself from the group you are travelling with while on treks.

* Always inform back home your trekking site before embarking on your adventure trail.

*Carry an additional amount of light ,ready to eat food packets always in your trekking gear to last for a few days.

*Always carry your own medical kit in case of any emergency.

*Always take the advice of your trek guide to heart .

*Carry your torch and camera in water proof covering.

*Always keep your Identity Proof papers in secure weather resistent packing.

*Always choose to trek to a height in the mountains as per your stamina and suitable body health.

*Always carry rain and wind strong hood jackets on treks.

* Always do your trail study before going on your trek.

* Always keep your insect repellent handy for use .

*Choose the right season for going on trek in the mountains.

*Don't venture out in bad weather conditions if camp site is okay.

*Always carry your match box /lighter in water proof packing.

* Always carry the local route map and compass while on trek.

* Always check up your campsite before leaving to ensure you have not left anything behind.

* Always pitch your tents on secure firm ground before packing in.

*Always carry extra batteries for your torch.

*Capture the scenic sights on camera.

*Always ensure your beasts of burden..ponies n donkeys are tied up while you camp.

*Always ensure your ponies n donkeys are given water at rest and on journey. 

* Carry your garbage back after your trek or bury same.