Dharamshala Photos March,January,February,April,July,
August, September October,November,June,May,December
Dharamsala !

Dharamshala Photos..Warming up to the Dharamsala weather chill in January. Evening Dharamsala images often come with long shadows , warm fire places, Dharamshala news and the sound of Om chants over the Mountains.

Dharamshala Photos

Dharamsala Photos..Buddhist Chants of Life..!

Dharamshala Photos... Pictures Gallery

Dharamshala is a magical moment on reel..a challenge for any photographer on the hunt ! 

Spring Flowers : April  2023

Dharamshala Flowers !

Vidya Niwas Garden

Tibetan Art : August 2019

ArtShop !

Buddha Bazaar

Dharamshala Hotels : Vidya Niwas July 2019

Roses in Bloom

Dharamshala Photos from the Flora collection.

Vidya Niwas Guests...July 2019

Camera Moments

Happy Guests

Misty Dharamsala....May 2019 !

The Clouds in the Mountain.

For a misty morning walk..!

Cuisine delights of Dharamshala !

Hot on the plate.

Steamed to perfection with a hot dip.

Warming up in Dharamsala....December 2017 !

A Date with a Mountain Home.

Cozying up in a Home Retreat with friends, food n snow..!

Growing up in Dharamsala....September 2017 !

A Date with the Mountain.

Friends in the Hills.

Dharamsala Retreat...July 2017

Yoga Bliss

Namaste My Himalayas !

Dharamsala Trails...March 2017 !

Prayers And Chants

Enjoying the monastic trails !

Waiting...December 2016 !

Approaching Autumn...

The end of monsoon hopefully will bring in the fall of leaves..!

Mountain feast...September 2016 !

Himalayan Dham

Wedding Camera cusine...!

dharamsala pictures... July 2016 !

Monastic Rituals

Butter lamps in monastery !

Dharamshala Gallery...July 2016 !

Dharamsala Album

Monastic moments on reel,debating monks !

Dharamsala photos....July 2016

Picture of the Day

A picnic in the Sun in Dharamshala !

The Goluk Princess...Vidya Niwas January 2016!

Dharamsala photos

Meditation High with the Buddha... !

Vidya Niwas...Dharamshala..May 2015

Dharamshala Pictures

My adventure in the Mountain !

In my Moods..A High ,..01st April, 2015 !

Dharamshala Photos

Dharamsala Picture.. The fun to cuddle up in my Dad's bed and what fun with Mom next to me..BOBO

Picture frame of Dharamsala...31st March 2015 .

Dharamsala Photo Album

Memories of a good holiday..A Bliss in the Himalayas..!

Picture frame of Dharamsala...5th March 2015 .

Dharamsala Photo Album

For the many memories we will have , few can match this....!

St.John's Church in the Wilderness...19th February 2015.

Dharamsala sightseeing !

The Many faces of old Dharamshala pictures..!

Art & Craft Highs ,..10th, January 2015 !

Dharamsala Photos

Dharamsala Picture.. The Himalayan craft comes to the fore, when you visit this small town of Dharamshala...!

Dharamsala Hotels,Vidya Niwas..26th, November 2014 !

Dharamsala Photos

Dharamsala Picture...Enjoying spiritual highs at a Mountain Inn Retreat  in Dharamshala..!

A Date with my Dog,..17th, November 2014 !

Dharamsala Photos

Dharamsala Pictures..A shared Universe in slumber..!

Tea of  Dharamsala India,..22nd, September 2014 !

Dharamshala Photos

Dharamsala Pictures..Local trade for Tibetan tea in Dharamsala is very popular specially the salted butter tea. 

Hand Skill Crafts of  Dharamsala India,..16th, September 2014 !

Dharamshala Photos

Dharamsala Pictures..Local trade and craft in a buzzing town are a delight for any roving eyes of the lens..!

Tibetan Festivals n Operas ,Dharamsala,..08th, September 2014 !

Dharamsala Gallery

Dharamsala Pictures..The Himalayan culture is so vast that it has spread with many cultures, festivals n Dances. The Tibetan Opera..Lhamo is famous all over the globe.

Bloom Buzz at Vidya Niwas,Dharamshala Hotels,..03rd, August 2014 !

Dharamsala  Picture Gallery..

Dharamsala Photos..The monsoon herbal bonanza in the Himalayas..!

At the feet of Divinity,Dharamshala,..13th, July 2014 !

Dharamsala Photo Gallery..

Dharamsala Pictures..The monkey God Hunuman, never fails to awe the travelers with his blessings..!

Sounds of Himachal,..24th June, 2014 !

Dharamsala Photo Gallery..

Dharamsala Photos..Gods and Music go together with the resounding Himalayan peaks..!

Vedic Garden, Vidya Niwas..Dharamsala..June, 2014 !

Dharamsala Photo Gallery..

Dharamsala Photos..The Indra Kamal or the Himalayan Lotus from the magnolia family, is best revered for its brand fragrance and as an offering to the Gods..!

Heaven on Earth..Dharamsala..May, 2014 !

Dharamsala Photo Gallery..

Dharamsala Photos..Soul moments of divine encounters with God n Nature..!

Divine Bloom..Dharamsala..May, 2014 !

Dharamsala Photo Gallery India..

Dharamsala Photos..Roses for the shrine of faith and love for Dharamsala !

Naintara Gurung..Dharamsala..May, 2014 !

Dharamsala Photo Gallery..

Dharamsala Photos..Himalayan trends in Chanting Beads n Spirituality !

Dharamsala..May, 2014 !

Dharamshala Picture Gallery..

Dharamsala Photos..Ancient India in an Om Chant in the Himalayas of Dharamshala..!

Dharamsala..April 2014 !

Dharamshala Picture Gallery..

Dharamsala Photos..Enjoying the flavors of Vidya Niwas Cuisine..!

Dharamsala..March 2014 !

Dharamshala Picture Gallery..

Dharamsala Photos..In the warmth of a Mountain fire, tales and hot food..!

Dharamsala..January 2014 !

Dharamshala Pictures..

Dharamsala Photos..Enjoying the bliss of fresh air and Himalayan sunshine.

Dharamsala..December 2013 !

Dharamshala Pictures..

Dharamsala Photos..Buddha the kids and the mountains ! A whiff of fresh air and Himalayan blessings in winter.

Dharamsala..December..January..February..Himalayan Tea !

Dharamshala Images..

Dharamsala Photos..Winter time and a hot brew on the move is the Himalayan tradition of Hospitality..!

Dharamsala..September..October..November..Himalayan Birds !

Dharamshala Pictures..

Dharamsala Photos..Himalayan Birds in Dharamsala with the coming of Autumn. Along with the falling leaves the Himalayas are a panaroma of vibrant colors of the flora and fauna !

Dharamsala..June..July..August..Rain in the Mountains !

Dharamshala Images..

Dharamsala Photos..A wait in the rains. As the summer ends one can expect the mountains in India to be alive with the slash of the Monsoon, thunder over the hills, drifting clouds and Hot Chai..!

Dharamsala..January..February..March...Freedom Light !

Dharamshala Pictures..

Dharamsala Photos.. in April, May June..A constant journey to Freedom of the Soul..!

Dharamsala Photos..Monks Food !

Dharamshala Pictures..

The august rains in Dharamsala India can strike up a big bite..after a strenous chanting class..!!

Dharamsala Photos..Copyright @ Vidya Niwas

Dharamshala Images

Dharamsala India..early monsoon allies in June. Crabby and Lucifer the snail discuss peace initiatives for Vidya Niwas pets.

Dharamsala Pictures..Copyright @ Vidya Niwas,Dharamsala Hotels

Dharamshala in July

Yellow blooms playing hide n seek with the monsoon sun.

Dharamsala Photos..Copyright @ Dharamshala Tours & Travels

Dharamshala Shopping

Dharamsala pictures of the Monsoon Fruits n Vegetables.There is an abundance of dharamsala food ...orange and red carrots can often be a difficult choice.

Dharamsala Photos..Copyright @ Dharamshala Tours & Travels

Dharamshala Waterfalls

Gushing streams n waterfalls in Dharamsala India can often drown the thunder clouds.July,August come with the romance of lashing rains,dozens of hot tea cups and coffee breaks.

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