Activities-Dharamsala ! Dharamshala Activities !
volunteering,yoga meditation !

Day and Overnite treks, camping, outdoor excursions, Nature studies and Bird Watching. Pony treks,Para-Gliding and other adventure activites are also available. 


Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and other Spiritual Activities are ideal in the scenic backdrop of the Himalayas.

Volunteering, Community Interaction, Cooking Classes and Healing Workshops are trending with all tourists here in Dharamsala.

Sightseeings of ancient Hindu shrines, Buddhist Monasteries, Ashrams, Old Forts n Museum, Tea Gardens n Waterfalls are popular.

Dalai Lama teachings, audiences with high Lamas, Astrology charts and spiritual studies can be the highlight of your holidays here.

Activity for the Week ! 

Every year we have the International Film Festival in Dharamshala,in the scenic backdrop of the Himalayas !

Movies can be enjoyed at Gold Cinema Hall at MaxiMus Mall !

The many shopping delights of Dharamsala !

Visit the surrounds of an Ayurvedic Garden and Himalayan Animal Habitat at the Deer Park !

Theatre Festival for all to enjoy ! 

Healing Buddha Meditation Retreat with Mantra Chants...!