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Product No BUD008, is the statue of BlessingBuddhainTurquoise(also known as the Enlightened Sakyamuni Buddha) symbolizing the Bodhisatva Compassion in this Blessing Mudra.

In the town of Dalai Lama Dharamsala, Buddhism is very much a way of life. Among Online Store Collectables in Indian Art n Craft, this statue is one of our finest figurines in Buddha Idols. The artist has handcrafted the Blessing expression, complimented by the use of semi precious turquoise, representing supreme purity and red coral for health. The back of this Buddha has a carved shawl with engraved lapis, coral and turquoise. 

The statue is a bronze figurine, carved by a Buddhist artist from Dharamshala, a product of his vision in our collection of Buddha Statues, Buddhist Idols n Tara Statues in Buddha Bazaar Shop.

The Blessing Buddha is shown holding in his, one hand the alms bowl with the other hand Blessing the Universe. 

He is shown on a gold brushed lotus seat. The lotus throne is in intricate carving  representing the artist's vision. This statue of BlessingBuddhainTurquoise can be the eye catching center piece of your home. 

Compliment this Buddha statue with our unique Buddha shrine products of a Buddha Altar, Butter Lamp, Prayer wheels and Prayer beads, A small stupa with special buddhist incense, in a beautifully carved incense holder, along with holy seven bowls of water and a thangka painting in the backdrop of the altar will help you complete your shrine. You can also put some Buddhist scripture along with offering bowls from Buddha Bazaar in your auspicious Buddha shrine.


Product Description:



*Shaded bronze figurine handcrafted in turquoise*

Height: 14 inches, Length: 07/08 inches.

Price: INR 30,500. (including shipping/delivery charges)

Shipping Time: Fifteen days to One month.

*Use the currency converter to view this price in your local currency.*


Price : INR 38,500 ( Including Shipping & Delivery charges outside India with Incense)

Shipping Time: 15-30 days

To insert a specially priced Buddhist Healing Mantra Scroll (blessed by a High Lama) in the statue. (BUD008) Kindly contact us @

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