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" OOH La La Dharamsala! Dharamshala "

Buddhist Prayer Alters, Butter Lamps, Prayer Wheels n Bells, Vajras, Free Tibet T-Shirts..the market Buzz is never ending. Scroll down to visit all our shopping gallery sections from the Buddha Bazaar..!

" Om Mane Padme Hum !"

Buddha Bazaar Gallery

Section A - Statues n Brass Art.

Buddha Statues & Buddha Idols

**Dharamsala, today is the hub for Neo-Buddhism, as the home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Buddhism. We have an interesting collection of Buddha Statues in our online store.

Tara Dharamsala

Tara Statues

**You can choose from a Green Tara to the White Tara for your Prosperity, Purity and Wisdom.

Manjushri Dharamsala

General Statues

**Scroll down to discover your own buddhist vision with your favorite idol, radiating energy in your life.

Section B - Buddhist Altar & Prayer Items

Tibetan Altar

Buddhist Altars

**Buddha can be in your home as a presence, emanating peace, tranquility and energy from your Buddha Corner. Create your own personalized Buddha shrine from our online store..Bazaar.

Bells,Vajra n Prayer Items..

**Make you own Buddhist corner for your Meditation & Healing.

Buddhist Prayer Wheels

Prayer Wheels..

**Chant your own Lifestyle Mantras on your Prayer Wheels at home.

Buddhist Prayer Flag

Prayer Flags..

**For the blessings of the Elements, tie your prayer flags in your garden, around and inside your home..a well being blessings from our Buddha Bazaar.

Tibetan Stupas..

**Energize with the blessings of the Buddha in your home.

Section C - Indian & Tibetan Incense Sticks/Stands & Holders

Buddhist Incense Sticks

Buddhist Incense..

**For a good healthy Body, Mind n Soul..harmonize in the Buddha aroma.

Incense Holder

Incense Holders n Stands..

**Trend the buzz with Eco Home friendly Incense Holders n Stands.

Section D - Indian, Tibetan and Nepali Beads

Buddhist Prayer Beads

Prayer Beads n Ornamental Beads..

**Set the fashion ablaze with trendy beads and your chants from Buddha Bazaar..the Online Shop.

Section E - Yoga n Meditation Kits & Products

Yoga Dharamsala
Yoga Mat

Yoga Mats/Meditation Cushions..

**Tone your Vitality Flow with Yoga n Meditation..

Meditation Kits

Meditation Kits..

**De-stress your mind with Meditation Kits n Accessories..

Yoga Mantra Music

Mantra & Music..

**Heal yourself with the Music of the Soul..

Section F - Natural Beauty & Health Care

Healing Kits

Natural Cosmetics n Products..

**Rejuvenate with the Buddha Lifestyle at Buddha Bazaar.

Section G - Indian/Tibetan Kitchenware for Healthy Life Style

Oriental Kitchenware

Tibetan and Indian Kitchenware ..

**A Healthy Kitchen for Healthy Living..

Indian Copperware

Section H - Indian/Tibetan Tea

Tibetan Tea and Himachali Tea ..

**A Indian and Tibetan Tea for Healthy Body..

**Enjoy the Premium Flavors of Himalayan Green Tea for a Healthy Mind n Body along with Tibetan tea flavors. 

Section I - Tibetan Dolls n Toys

Bopa Dolls

Tibetan Dolls n Toys ..

**Enjoy the company of 'Little Lhasa' in your home from our niche collection at our Toy Bazaar..

Section J - Himachal/Tibetan Shawls, Rugs n Carpets

Himachal Shawls
Himachal Rugs

Himachal Shawls,Wraps & Rugs ..

**Oh ! For a warm n cozy evening..!

Tibetan carpets

Tibetan Carpets & Table/Couch Mats..

**Tell a story on a Tibetan carpet at your home..!

Section K - Spiritual, Health n Healing Books

Dalai Lama Books
Spiritual Books

Spiritual, Health n Healing Books..

**Meditate with a Buddha Book..!

Section L - Tibetan Duvet Covers & Tibetan Curtains

Tibetan Interiors
Tibetan Curtains

Tibetan Curtains..

**A Window to Buddha Vision..!

Tibetan Duvet Covers

Indian/Tibetan Duvet Covers & Bed Linen..

**Relax in the Cozy Buddha Corner..!

Section M - Tibetan Handicraft & T-Shirts & Silver Jewellery

Tibetan Bags
Tibetan T-Shirts
Tibetan Online