Exotic Tibetan Duvet Covers & Cushions for Home Comfort , Environment Travel Friendly Meditation Cushions, Singing Bowls Therapy Covers, Tibetan Mats!

Tibetan Duvet Cushions

Singing Bowl Cushions,Dharamsala

Tibetan Cushions, Dharamsala
Tibetan Silk Brocade, Dharamsala

Tibetan Duvet Covers

Tibetan Duvet Covers...Chanting Singing Bowls in Dharamsala

These amazing Tibetan Duvets are definitely precious and valuable. Aside from its primary use as cover for your bed, this Tibetan duvet also carries the culture and heritage of a distinct race. This makes for a very valuable bed cover, perfect to be given as gifts. The designed duvets are made with great intricacy. This is truly a perfect item to be given to the people closest to your heart. The Tibetan duvet is not just a great bed cover, but a great artwork as well.

When you are roaming the streets of Dharamsala you will hear the sounds of monks chanting and the musical waves of the tibetan singing bowls.

In monasteries and tibetan homes , alters the exotic tibetan design decorate the cushions and the duvet covers of these oriental musical bowls.

Tibetan Bed Covers,Dharamsala

Tibetan Sitting Cushion

Tibetan Applique Covers for the Your Home Decor...

While you are in the abode of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the himalayan town of Dharamsala, discover exquisite, beautifully hand embroidered duvet covers and silk brocade cushions for your home furnishings. This is an ancient tibetan art which originated from the monasteries of Tibet and filtered down to the daily lives of the Tibetan people.

Tibetan applique works displaying Tibetan Holy Signs..are lucky souvenirs to take back home. They are distinctively himalayan in flavour and colour and provide warmth and coziness to the home.

Tibetan Duvet Mats

Tibetan Lady Shopkeeper

Tibetan Duvet Covers, Meditation Cushions,Yoga Mats..!

Meditation Tibetan Duvet Covers..in Dharamsala

In the Himalayas, meditation and tibetan energetics is a part of a life style of the mountain folks. Chant with the Buddha..and meditate on an exotic tibetan mat and comfortable and pleasing silk brocade cushions in Dharamsala Retreats and Homes.

Travel Duvet Covers

Tibetan Tailoring in Dharamsala

Tibetan Meditation Cushions...Environment & Travel Friendly

Dharamsala is famous for the Annual Holy Teachings of His Holiness, The Dalai Lama. Thousands of people throng his palace and monastery to listen to His Teachings. Enjoy this holy ambience by using these special environment and travel friendly cushions and mats. They are easy to carry made ourt of re-cycled materials and providing economic viability to the refugee community. This is a special way of keeping the town of Dalai Lama clean.

Relaxing Duvet Cushions in Dharamsala

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