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Dharamsala Miniguide..News Archive 02, 2012

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Buddha Bazaar News

Buddha Bazaar News .." How far can we go..! ? "

Moving forward..08th November, 2012 : Whether it be in the assimilation of Hope or in sharing a Global Vision, there is little that can happen today anywhere, which does not touch our life in some way !

The re-election of Mr Barack Obama as the President of the United States of America, is an endorsement of 'how far can a Govt go in the hearts of its people.?' It reinforces that, although success does not warranty a magic wand, good intention, genuine concern and honest endeavor are still the hallmark of defining 'moving forward'with the people of any Nation.

Truely Nation building in not an overnite phenomena..To the Chair Wizard of USA, to all those who have placed their faith in his Vision of Tomorrow and to the Citizens of America, we wish them a fruitful Journey ahead..we also hope that in the progress of America, all of us can find a better Universe to live in for our Children.

After all if Hope can be audacious, why can't we..?!

Buddha Bazaar News .." Hope tip toeing on ahead, sees first the Sun arise !"

Dharamsala..Hope 2013 !..03 January, 2013 : 

Buddha News .." More things are brought by Goodwill !"

Dharamsala..Blessings 2013 !..01 January, 2013 : In today's world, along with the tide of change, comes a realization of how much we can achieve by goodwill, camaraderie and blessings..

We wish all our valuable surfers and friends " A YEAR OF NEW BEGINNINGS, THE WISDOM OF THE BUDDHA AND WARM BLESSINGS OF THE HEART, 2013 ! "

Buddha Bazaar News .." Real Vows!"

Dharamsala..a State of the Heart !..29th Dec, 2012 : Even before the institution of marriage and engagement..even before the legal laws created by mankind, could bind human beings into a commitment of vows n promises, the much older tradition of emotional bondage, existed  between two souls.

Human relationships go far beyond the boundaries of the human eye, they are truly the vision of the Heart..!!

Buddha Bazaar News .." Sunshine n Enlightenment!"

Sunshine Hue..17th Dec, 2012 : The 'Himalayas', snow white, serene, in their silent night watch with the snow ! The shifting clouds heavy with rain, on their journey forward, left behind them a trail..from the tree tops to the streets of Dharamsala, it was as if they had washed all the dust n dirt of the days when the autumn leaves were falling !

The door opened to beautiful day for a date with Sunshine and Enlightenment !!

Buddha Bazaar News .." From less to less and vanish into light.

And the new sun rose bringing the new year..! "

Of Rules n Rulers..28th November, 2012 : For once being born on Earth, we have only the changing seasons to guide us..we are but mortals of an imperfect world. The Buddha after his enlightenment, sought the forgiveness of his spouse as he had not fulfilled his duty towards her in his quest for answers..!

.." And slowly answer'd Arthur from the barge: The old order changeth, yeilding place to new.

And God fulfils himself in many ways,

Lest one good custom should corrupt the world.."

..Idylls of the Kings..Lord Tennyson

..Perfection lies only in the canvas of Nature around us, which follows the rules of a Changing Season..!

Buddha Bazaar News .." Of Tara n Enlightenment!"

The Light of Tara..27th November, 2012 : The Goddess Tara symbolizes the Wisdom of the Human heart..many a time we wonder why tomorrow was not what we planned..The human destiny is beyond the comprehension of the human eye, many times what we think are trying times for us, can actually be the babtizing initiation for the road ahead..!

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Buddha Bazaar News .." Dairy Notes..Bhai Tika, Lucknow!"

Fruit n Blooms..14th November, 2012 : One day after Diwali in Lucknow..the flowers were in bloom and the sizzling aroma of frying 'Kachoris', the buzz of people and the lingering presence of those who are no longer here but, will always stay in our hearts.

15th November, 2012 : ' Bhai Tika' always a non event for my husband in Dharamsala was different this time. Both Arvind and me were in Lucknow, with my brother's family.. we sat around and talked..laughed and even joked as to how difficult it is sometimes in life to advise people, to live it seriously ! While so much goes on in our life, time does not wait, the essence of a person close to us, never quite fades away from our memory.

Buddha Bazaar News .." Picture postcard..Dharamsala, India!"

Tulsi Herbs n Tea..22nd November, 2012 : ..While so much in Buddha Bazaar can speak of India, one cannot forget the herbal strength of our country which has for long advocated the cause of herbal treatment around the world.

Irrespective from where we come, whether it be the chastising holy leaf or simply an add on in your morning cup of tea..there is nothing which binds India more than the 'Tulsi' Leaf fragnant in its aroma and healing in its herbal radiance.

Buddha Bazaar News .." The Importance of Green !"

A Dash of Coriander..20th November, 2012 : Just like the freshness of Indian cuisine, which calls for a dash of coriander garnish on the food, such is the importance of green in our lives.

Whether it be in Dharamsala or anywhere in the globe, a touch of green is not only welcome but also a necessary ingredient for enhancing the quality of our life. It becomes a matter of great consequence for any authority on natural resources and it also is the collective responsibility of all those who benefit from a green environment around them. Needless to say saving the green around us whether it be the mountains or the streams, will require a joint effort by both the citizens and the Government.

Buddha Bazaar News .." A Comforting Yesterday !"

Moving on..18th November, 2012 : The silence of a quiet stream which had been running from ages near our home, Vidya Niwas..can talk more to us than that which runs smoothly with its usual melody.

..Death, a silent journey, often in its memory of yester years can converse with us in all the healing corridors of our heart..often more than the time when it is vibrant with the heartbeats of life. This is for all of us in the family..for my dear brother Dr. Rajiv Bisaria, an AIIMS medical scholar who on the auspicious day of 'Dhanteras' passed away for his final stairway to heaven.

A beautiful mind blessed with a giving soul.. life, laughter and love were shared with everyone he touched..I remember standing with him on the top floor of AIIMS, Delhi looking down searching for his specs when all the time he was wearing them..we laughed at the audacity of life that in our daily mundane cycle, we often forget to remember, what is closest to us and of prime importance..!

The last journey Iam sure will be as hilarious as ever..after all who could have passed away with a smile on his face..!!

Buddha Bazaar News .." Who Dun it..?, Dharamsala"

Time to Own Up..06th November, 2012 : Whether it be a Buddha or the Holy Gita, the buzz of ancient wisdom goes far beyond the daily trend of hum drum gossip !

" Even as the five Pandava brothers sought heaven in the Epic 'Mahabharata', it was but the loyal dog who attained the first steps of 'nirvana' ". This is a story as told by our Pet Dog..'Julie'...

" I was troubled by the fable of the Mahabharata, for some reason I found it difficult to be in the shoes of this dog...Old habits die hard and being born in the streets of Dharamsala, I had developed a great overpowering weakness for raw potatoes and steaming 'momos'. I gulped them without a thought wherever I found them..however there were different rules to living in a house than on the street. Come this day..hot momos on the table left by the little master himself, while the family prepared for a great Sunday evening...even before you could say 'Out'..the momos were in my tummy. There was great chaos as it was not clear among the three dogs who dun it..??

..And so, I took it as my day of calling, my liitle master was in trouble for being careless and I could not let down my family..even though the Sword of Damacus was hovering on top of my head..still there are moments in our lives when we have to rise above all and make the right decision. I stepped up and owned up..!

Buddha Bazaar News .." Himalayan Sunset, Dharamsala"

Quiet Evening..05th November, 2012 : As the Buddha gathered a crowd around him, there were many questions which were asked..the wisdom of praying to Buddha idols..the steps to attain 'Nirvana' even while walking on Earth.

The Buddha smiled..this was truely the Buddha Bazaar of daily life..to his devotees He said, " If you walk on the Path of Buddha, your prayer will awaken the Divine inside you...

..Your karma alone will lead you to the steps of 'Nirvana'..the Buddha idol must be the spirituality of your Soul..! A life well lived is as eternal as the Himalayan sun which even in its fading light every evening always gives birth to a new 'Dawn'..!"

Buddha Bazaar News .." How far can we go..?"

Good intention..?? 02nd November, 2012 : The Buddha had indeed much to ponder..

There were once two monks trying to cross a busy street. Near them, was a beautiful woman with an injured leg. She was in pain and so the senior monk carried her across the street, by way of compassion.

The next day, the younger monk asked the senior monk, " Are we allowed to touch women when we practise monk-hood ?" The senior monk said, "No". The younger monk, with tongue in cheek humor queried, " But you carried a woman, yesterday.." The senior monk smiled and said, " I left her on the side of the road yesterday, but you, my son, are still carrying her with you till today !

The power of good intention towards developing mankind, is the power of the Divine..! It is above the borders of the natural eye, as it can, in its practice cleanse the karma of many around the globe..!

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Buddha Bazaar News .." Now !How True can that be.."

True Stories.. 31st October, 2012 : Few of us realize, the story sessions we had at home can, sometimes visit us in our life..whether it is the fear of a ghost story or the laughter of the comic world, the mystery of a detective story or the adventure of a hidden treasure..truely, if we look closely there are many chapters of the book to learn from and share with our family..!

Buddha Bazaar News .." Home Stories!"

Rosewood Table Memoirs.. 29th October, 2012 : There is so much in our home along with us, which shares our daily lives..for the children, their pets and toys, which become their first ABC to the animal world which exists around them. For the pets and the outdoors surrounding them, there are many moments of the camera where they remember our children through their eyes...!

Buddha Bazaar News .."Can you bell the Cat ?..!"

Buddha Bazaar Buzz.. 27th October, 2012 : There was much excitement in the newly created Toy House..there was a new story teller who was ancient with the wisdom of the fables. As the Toys listened, the old bear told his story of the jungle.

" Once upon a time there was an old tiger who would come silently and attack his prey. The menace grew day by day, as did the tales of remedy. Someone blamed the friends of the Tiger who told him the secrets of the jungle...someone blamed his kin for not advising him correctly and someone said..punish all his allies as without their participation, this destruction would not have happened and the tiger would not have ruled.

However no one had the courage to' bell the big cat' and the problem prevailed as it was..!

Buddha Bazaar News .."High Tea Days..!"

Rosewood Table Memoirs.. 23rd October, 2012 : Many a time, I have wondered at what our home furniture has in their memories about us. Like them we have witnessed many happy moments with our children growing up..I can never forget when tired from work, my young son's effort to make tea for us and although it definitely was not the perfect blend, it truely was sweetened by his love..!

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Buddha Bazaar News .."Your Life, a Buddha Shrine..!"

Practising Buddha.. 19th October, 2012 : Today, "Buddha" is, a global life style statement. In His vision, we can lift ourselves above Caste, Community n Creed and practise the Spirituality of Good Humanity. It is only in His awakening , can we awaken the God within us.

Let the Universality of the Buddha, be the Shrine in your Home !

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Buddha Bazaar News ..The Unknown Evil..

Navratra Festival.. 18th October, 2012 : In Dharamsala and in many parts of India, the Festival of the Mother Goddess Durga is celebrated in various forms of patronage. We pray to her for Power, Fulfillment of Goals and Destruction of Enemies.

It is so important that while we take care of everything around us, we forget the key to success lies within us..in conquering the Evil within Us we can overcome any enemy and reach our goals.

The ancient Baglamukhi Temple in Kangra District near Dharamsala, is famous for achievement of personal goals and destruction of enemies.

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Buddha Bazaar News ..A Moment of Vision..

The Missing Buddha.. 15th October, 2012 : Eterenity is not a frequent visitor..a moment of vision must transcend time and give us a glimpse of the rising sun for tomorrow !

A Maitreya Buddha (Future Buddha), must hold the power of the generations to come, the Wisdom of the eons and above all, the vision of the Artist who is God in His moment of Creation..!

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Buddha Bazaar News ..In a Quandary, to tell or to ask ?

In a Heap.. 10th October, 2012 : Even as I walk alone, in creating a Online Buddha Bazaar, in Dharamsala..I do so with a prayer in my heart for all, for the awakening of the Buddha within us.

The wisdom of the Buddha must be shared with all and so this is what the BUZZ was about..There was a boy who stole a bag of money from an old man who had quite forgotten about his hidden wealth. However to hide the money he bought a purse...to keep the purse..he bought a cupboard. As the days went by, the burden of this crime became a heap of lies which increased day by day as it became difficult for him to hide this suddenly acquired wealth.

Such is the wisdom of Buddha which tells us that in trying to cover up one wrong doing, one lie, we often find ourselves beneath a heap of lies..!

Buddha Bazaar News Buzz..Health , Wealth n Prosperity, Dharamsala!

An Artist's Vision.. 05th October, 2012 : Discover the wealth of a vision in our Ganesh Idols, Monkey God..Hanuman Statues, Diwali gifts and much more in our Buddha Bazaar Online Shop.

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Buddha Bazaar News Buzz..Knock Knock..Who's There ? , Dharamsala!

A Gift for your Little Ladies..28th September, 2012 :

Let your children wake up to a new guest in their play room. A tea party with Tibetan dolls, discovering global cultures, while at play..

..The class room is alive at home, where play is learning about the world we live in and sharing the Universe.

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Buddha Bazaar News Buzz..Indian & Tibetan Dolls, Dharamsala!

Little Ganesha in your Home..19th September, 2012 : An important aspect of Buddhist healing in our Online store..Buddha Bazaar, has been what we have chosen to market to the children around the Globe. We wish them many happy dreams, happy play time and above all, the healing they can give to their elders in the laughter they share with us.

Buddha Bazaar News Buzz..Temptation, Dharamshala!

Dharamsala News..18th September, 2012 :“A silly idea is current that good people do not know what temptation means. This is an obvious lie. Only those who try to resist temptation know how strong it is... A man who gives in to temptation after five minutes simply does not know what it would have been like an hour later.

Good n bad is a relative term, morality is best practised by those who have had no chance to lose it..!"


~~Buddha Love~~

Buddha Bazaar News Buzz..Kangra Tea Highs, Dharamshala!

Dharamsala News..10th September, 2012 : A high tea sip in the Mountains of Kangra valley..!

From the fragnant tea bushes of Palampur to the high energy aroma of Manjhee Valley in Dharamsala.. Chanting Buddha is a totally new high in all 'tete a tete' tea sessions in the Himalayas..!

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Buddha Bazaar News Buzz..Buddhist Sounds, Dharamshala!

Dharamsala News..06th September, 2012 : Among the sweet sounds of Buddha bazaar, the Bell and the Vajra are the Buddhist prayer items in the auspicious altar of prayer and meditation. The sound of the bell along with the vajra signifies the unity of Karma and Dharma as must be pursued in our daily lives.

Buddha Bazaar India Buzz..Buddha Healing, Dharamshala!

Dharamsala News..04th September, 2012 : The concept of fragnance was born for appeasing the senses..Aroma therapy finds its roots in almost all healing practices of the world. In the Buddhist world and in Indian homes, burning incense is an old tradition for welcome , prayers, purification and spiritual meditation..!

Buddha Bazaar News Buzz..Difficult to Digest!

Dharamsala News..03rd September, 2012 : Many a time, Buddhist healing is associated with the warmth of human relationships which, in today's world comes with a high premium. With so much changing even Faith n Dharma, it is difficult to assess true friendship and distinguish between companionship and need..!

A Buddha Bazaar..buzzing with cups n tea, is truely the essence of tea party camaraderie..!

Buddha Bazaar News Buzz..Manjushri, Cutting the Ignorant Head!

Dharamsala News..01st September, 2012 : An Enlightened Mind is the lotus of a blooming Universe..in the Buddhist world, it is the Head which cleanses our 'Karma' and defines our destiny. The darkness which emanates from an ignorant head, can destroy the destiny of many..and Manjushri, the God of Wisdom is very often sculpted in a posture of destroying 'ignorance' and 'evil'..!

Buddha News Buzz..Chanting Nirvana in Dharamsala!

Dharamsala News..30th August, 2012 : Prayer wheels, incense, buzzing prayer beads and humming chants..Dharamshala, approaching autumn with the first fall of leaves. There is still thunder in the skies, the birds still sing with the monsoon but even as the leaves catch the rain drops, the sudden rays of sunshine tell us about the approaching season..!

Buddha Bazaar News Buzz..For the Future !

Dharamsala News..29th August, 2012 : A Buddhist shrine along with Buddhist prayer items or a Hindu altar, very often will be found with offerings of fruits, sweets, biscuits n cookies. It is believed that if we eat healthy today, blessed by the Gods, we will attain good health for the future.

While we cannot change our past, it is important to work towards a sound future by, talking about issues which are relevant to today's growth..!

Buddha Bazaar News Buzz..Blessings in the Air !

Dharamsala News..18th August, 2012 : You enter a Buddha Bazaar, to buy Buddha Idols for that special altar in your home..you look for a Tibetan painting, to adorn your favorite corner of your room..buy incense for a Healing aroma, but the essence of fluttering prayer flags in the air are truely blessings from the Buddha itself..!

Buddha Bazaar Buzz..Socializing, 2012 !

Dharamsala News..16th August, 2012 :

2012..if you need to create a 'social buzz', in Dharamsala or anywhere around the Globe, the best path to take would be through the social media. Today is a small world and it grows shorter by strides..

We do hope that in this journey all of us can benefit by bringing to the platform, social issues where each can share an opinion..!

Buddha Bazaar Buzz.."Much awaited Monsoon,India 2012 !

Dharamsala News..11th August, 2012 : While there is so much to create a buzz on a Budhha Online Store..burning incense, buddhist healing chants and cheap pocket savvy prayer beads..how can one forget the seasons, who in their onward journey, never fail in bringing their own economy.

The monsoon are a boon, not just to our farmers but also to all those who create and color the sky with their decorative umbrellas and dance in the rain..!!

Buddha Bazaar Buzz..Celebrating Universal Peace,2012 !

Dharamsala News..04th August, 2012 : So what's buzzing at Buddha Bazaar Online Store..? A Thousand prayers for all the Sports players and fraternity at the London Olympics, 2012 !

We wish all the participants and fans, a tremendous memorable experience in this sports extravaganza..!!

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