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Manali News

Companion India

" Companionship, 2012 ! "

" Holiday Buzz !",29th December,2011

Manali News....Whether they are sand blown beach holidays, history down ancient routes or meditation highs in the Himalayas, one cannot demerit the flavor of companionship, to spice up a Holiday experience !

Like any holiday buzz will tell you the story of that,"Remarkable guide ", " A Playful pet " or even a "travel friend" you met on the way..!

Sometimes, even the best planned program cannot match, the bliss of a vacation which was, healing to the soul in the warmth of a treasured 'companionship'...!!

India Stories

Manali News" India Miniguide Traditions, 2011 ! "

" Awakening !",28th December,2011

In ancient India there have been many traditional stories, many kings and queens, who in their wisdom have, left a treasure trove of knowledge.

In the ruins of Ujjain (India), was buried the historical Kingdom of King Vikramaditya, who was famous for his sound judgement. It is said once, a group of shepherd children were playing in the village..One little boy discovered a mound of mud and sat on it, to play the 'judge', bestowing judgement on all around him. Soon the whole village was a buzz, with the news of how sound his judgement was, even for the most difficult trials, speaking of a wisdom far beyond his tender age. It was soon considered that the children had discovered the (Seat of Judgement) of King Vikramaditya.

The King of Ujjain heard of this tale and soon managed to acquire this seat which was, surrounded by 24 angels and was buried deep in the mud. However, much to everybody's astonishment, the angels flew away from the Seat, everytime the King wanted to sit on it. The last angel before flying told the King, that since he was a prisoner of his own ambition, greed, self interest and ego he was not deserving of this Seat..only the child who was pure in his soul, could sit on this Seat of Judgement !

It is important in our lives, to rise above caste, creed, color and self interest to make a sound judgement on any issue for the benefit of the Universal community.

Butterfly India

Manali News" Give me the Sun to unfurl my Wings ! "

" Waiting !",23th December,2011

The tides of 2011, were a bit like the backwaters of Kerala..soothing and startling as headlines can sometimes be on the Dalai Lama news..20th December, 2011 on my dairy notes, an hour of self interrogation ! Am I on the right can only know after the first few miles have been questioned.

A year of beginnings, where much was left to ponder even after the lesson was over. I look forward because, journeys must always be a search within ourself !!

African Grey Bird

Manali News" Sharing Secrets ! "

" Awaiting the Hour of Flight !",20th December,2011

2011, went with wings and even as I wait for my hour of flight, I must share my secret bond with the birds..They who roam the open skies, had much to tell, the silver lining behind every cloud and the blessing of Shiva which, wore the crown in every thunder storm over the Himalayas..!!

Bonds truely, are born with the freedom of the soul..they know not the shores they will enrich !!

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Sweets India
Sweet Recipe India

Manali News" Sugar syrup Sweet, India ! "

" The Sweet Touch !",15th December,2011

It is amazing what innovation can create..the internet in itself hallmarking technology branding for tomorrow, can trigger many such moments in our life, when we have been inspired by many unknown on the streets!

Buzzing with life and energy, recently we came across a picture of a street vendor creating the 'jalebis' using an old earthenware pot for making it. Truely, path burning for home cooking where, we often improvise on our recipes.

Rainbow India
Global India

Manali News" Could I have asked for more !? "

"Caress of a rainbow !",07th December,2011

Whether it be the headlines of News Nepal, Shimla News or Dharamsala News chatter..loving the globe from the Hills of the Himalayas, has been a soothing energy restoring journey for us.

It is only when, we open our arms to the sky, can we catch the caress of the rainbow in our hands...!

"Energy Healing at Vidya Niwas, India!", Click Graphic below..

Mother India

Harmony and Sound India

Manali News" Rythms of Earth"

" Harmony in Sound!",07th December,2011

Music, is our unconscious ally of the Universe. Whether it be in a rising storm, the soft pitter patter of the rain or in the musical romance of snow drops on your is present all around us..!

Harmony in sound, in the dulcet tones of affection and laughter, are merely a reflection of the Divine around us !

Seasons India

Manali News"Moving On"

"Eternity of Seasons!",4th December,2011

How can you explain the eternity of seasons, on a calendar which very often reminds us of our mortality. Few of us can in our moments of awakening and slumber still move on with the vision of tomorrow in our creative art.

Success and Failure can in its stumble through life, shower us with the eternity of passing seasons. The indomitable human spirit can best calendar this capricious phenomenon by its endeavour to accomplish its final aspiration.

Mustard Life

Manali News" Mustard Days! "

" Yellow Tang !", 02nd December,2011

A picture postcard India, would in all its golden glory, be a canvass of ripening corn and mustard fields. The tangy effervesence teasing the tongue, can often bring tears to our eyes by its pungent flavor.

Like all human relationships, which test and please us,..mustard although sometimes difficult to digest, is an absolute must in the daily life of an Indian Kitchen.

Herbs India

Manali News" Leaves for Lunch ! "

" Herbs India !", 28th November,2011

Indian cuisine, famous for its color and taste, would be left in asking , without the traditional garnish of fresh coriander leaves. Growing in abundance and in dried powder form, it is an important ingredient in the flavors of an Indian Kitchen.

Very often, we mistake it for its continental friend..the parsley leaf. Used with dips, sauces and garnish, it is an excellent accompaniment to any Indian meal.

Animal Friendship

Manali News" If they can be friends..why can't we..? ! "

" Healing India !", 26th November,2011

India, has been an 'experience' in many ways, sometimes gnawing at your heart and sometimes pulling you in different directions with it's indifferent impatience.

Years ago, we had a guest who in her healing made us understand that sometimes the daily routine of life..with it's irritable teasing and testing, can be a comfort in itself. Having lost her son in the war, she was a living example of courage and spirit.

Sometimes, in our giving we receive what stays with us for our lives..a learning in companionship !

Unique Journeys India

Manali News" Unique Memories ! "

" Travel India !", 16th November,2011

Journeys are in all probability, a matter of the heart..a dream which we often visit in the hope of making it happen. We have had all kinds of requests coming in, sometimes which can make us understand the yearning of mankind for the impossible..a quest for discovery..

Years ago, in 1995 we had a few selective guests from USA, who had this desire of talking to the Tibetan nomads in the wilderness of Kham and Amdo province of Tibet and to the small Taktser village of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's birth.

Although it was a challenge in itself to make the itinerary, to get hold of a tibetan guide from that region and above all to get their Tibet visas, we were game ! The trip was organized with a few 'hiccups' on the way, but we lived to hear the full story from them in Dharamsala after their visit.

A unique journey of the self which even in its initial stage of planning meant breaking barriers of travel to the forbidden 'Shangrila', the Roof of the World..Tibet !

Sugar Cane India
Tofu Recipe

Manali News" Caramelised Memories ! "

" Recipe India !", 12th November,2011

This is going to stick as memories often do..,this is going to last, as originality often does..!

As a child sugarcane was an interesting challenge, as soon as our kitchen garden was sprouting sugar coated cane, we used to harvest them..the younger the cane the easier to eat.

Sugarcane never stopped exciting me, the local wine (Toddi), is an excellent flavor enhancement with white or red meat. Even more glamourous on the table is the caramelized fresh 'tofu' with a garnish of spring onions and roasted sesame seeds.

Like I said, even the most ordinary colors of Green India can with their originality, last forever on our taste buds !!

For your Indian Gastronomic Journey..Click Here !

Saree India

Manali News" Charms of India Fabrics ! "

" Saree India !", 10th November,2011

The road to learning is endless,very often we think we are the teachers when those being taught,can teach us.

Several years ago,we had a client who was partially blind,going to Varanasi,on a journey of learning.As a student of music,I had noticed the fine sense of sound our blind friends had developed over time.We made a program with various water healing,and music study excursions.Our guide was a young boy, eager to show his skill.

We were surprised to get a thank you note from our guest,expressing gratitude, for the lovely trip our escort had made for him, with a visit to the old alleys of hand crafted Varanasi silk sarees, beautiful to the touch. Surely, a case of the teacher learning from the student, as it was not part of the initial itinerary.

sai baba

Manali News" My Mystic Moments..Sai Baba Blessings ! "

" Life is stranger than fiction !", 06th November,2011

Several years ago, in Dharamshala it was a very special day ! My In-Laws were celebrating their golden jubilee marriage anniversary. We were undergoing some of the toughest days of our life..brimming with hope and energy, we were in the middle of constructing our home, Vidya Niwas, our son was finishing his last year in school, for his board exam and our daughter was just getting used to her primary school days !

Inspite of all this..inspite of all the differences, with my In-Laws, we still thought 50 years of marriage was a great occasion to celebrate with your children. We did it exactly the way my In-Laws wanted it..there were festivities, parties, presents and a small thanks giving kirtan for Satya Sai Baba.

It was towards the end when the kirtan was in its final stages that there was an awakening of my soul,an elation of a kind which I had never experianced before. It was then that we noticed that my forehead was covered with white ash... A blessing from Sai Baba. Truely a moment of miracle in my life when the lesson of good karma was a chapter in my spiritual climb.

As I look back I realise faith is essential for the realisation of our goals...very often, it is not preserved by our familiar acquaintances,but by an invisible bond of trust, which can shower the blessings of a good life on us!

...Sangeeta Gururng, Dharamsala

Stone India

Manali News" Stone Hearth..India! "

" Ancient watch !", 05th November,2011

For how many years, will I guard the generations of Mankind, as they walk by me..Many of us, revered on occasions in prayer, many lie adrift on washed sea shores and many of us must have heard, happy tales of laughter around warm stone hearths..while the logs burnt and the winter drew close..!

..Stories from the Stone Hearths.

Kullu Caps, Dharamsala

Manali News" Holiday Moods..! "

" Capping it up !", 01st November,2011

There were strolls down, buzzing bazaars, days of panic when the winter set in without a warning..laughter n home cooked meals whose recipes we noted down and forgot just as soon as the meal got finished..! Games of 'monopoly', discussing budding authors and planning the winter season ahead.

But who can forget, to cap it up..a holiday memory, playing the fool and burning trails of local fashion trends..!!

..For Mom n Dad's album from 'Holiday Moods'.. Prakram & Naintara.

Mani Sones, Tibetan Symbols

Manali News" Keeping Afloat ! "

" Dharamsala News!", 30th October,2011

The symbol of the auspiciuos fish has its impressions, in generations of cultural and religious heritage, around the world.

In the evergreen karma of Buddha, it signifies the strength of the spiritual soul which can on any occasion, swim against the current. It can with the dynamics of its flowing energy, never be drowned in misery and falsehood of 'samsara'!

Westin Hotel India
Tourism & Hospitality Award

Manali News" Sangeeta, Arvind..Journeys Ahead..,2011 ! "

" Vision, 2012!", 28th October,2011

Head bent in penance, in the blood-shed battle field of Kalinga, said Emperor Ashoka;

"When did my Mother's milk become so bitter ?"

Here at Sabarmati, warm in the embrace of Mother Earth, questioned Gandhi;

"When did we first shed our robe of dignity, our Nation's gift to us ?"

A dry field asking, from the lust of Punjab;

"Were you worthy of my soil my son, which yearns for a green harvest now ?"

..Because in the eye of the Universe, the energy of the child must rule. The awakening of the child within you like this eternal flame, must bear testimony to the sleep of the innocent.

The Peace of Buddha must reside in all !

..Spiritually Energizing Holidays.."Awakening!"

Despite a very long journey of hurdles and solutions,  we do believe, no journey can begin, without its first few stumbling steps..!

For all the moments of challenge and support, we thank the All India Achievers Foundation, the Tourism fraternity and our valuable clients for being with us in our Vision for 2012 !!

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