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Silk Thread, Himachal

Dharamshala News..Silk Thread Initiative 2009, Himachal Pradesh, 2009,Japan,!

Dharamshala News India : Silk Thread Factory, Bilaspur (HP), 2009 ! ,August 03,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The district of Himachal Pradesh opened its first Silk Thread Manufacturing Plant. Silk cocoon growers will be encouraged and raw materials will be bought from each household. This will give job opportunity to the local communities. The village Kandror will benefit from this factory. A green drive in the right direction for sustainable economy in the Himalayan state!

Nagini Fair 2009

Dharamshala News Alert..Nagini Fair 2009, Himachal Pradesh, 2009,Japan,!

Dharamshala News: Nagini Mata Fest, 2009 ! ,July 31,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh is alive with the myths and legends of Snake Gods and Goddesses, which adorn the Might of Lord Shiva. With thunder and lightning visiting the Kangra Valley, the Nagini Fair and Fest are part of the Monsoon spiritual season. One of our favourite shrine is the Nagini Mata Shrine in Nurpur near Dharamsala (HP), which is colored now a days with snake charmers, devotees and Indian snack delights..samosas, jalebis and pakoris. You can tie wishing strings around the nearby ancient tree and collect the holy red mud for protection against snakes. A full day family excursion for all.

Himachal Teacher 2009

Dharamshala News Alert..National Teacher Award, Himachal Pradesh, 2009,Japan,!

Dharamshala News: Awarding the Himalayan Teacher, 2009 ! ,July 31,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

Spiritual Gurus, Teachers and Parents, play an important part in what we achieve and in the process of our growth. The Ministry of Human Resources has selcted Mr Sohan Lal Sharma, drawing master from Govt. Senior Sec. School, Kothipura (HP), India, for the best National Teacher Award of the Year, 2009. We hope this will inspire the teaching fraternity, in guiding the Young India to a better future.

Naina Devi Temple 2009

Dharamshala News Alert..Shravan Nav Ratra, Naina Devi Temple, Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, 2009,Japan,!

Dharamshala News:The Shravan Fest, Naina Devi Temple, 2009 ! ,July 30,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The Monsoon Shravan Festival of Navratra started, with millions of devotees taking holy bath, feasts, chanting mantras and paying their respect to Goddess Naina Devi (Shakti Peeth), for a good harvest season, properity and peace at home.

Himachal Karate Winners

Dharamshala News Alert..Intl. Friendship Karate 2009,Japan,!

Dharamshala News:Karate Medals for Himachal ! ,July 27,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The school kids from Shimla, participated in the International Friendship Karate Tournament in Japan and returned home with three medals, making the Himalayan state proud. The Himachal Karate Association will honour these young talents on 09th August, 2009 for their achievement.

Minjar Fair, 2009, Himachal

Dharamshala News Alert..The Minjar Fair 2009, Chamba, Himachal! , 2009 !

Dharamshala News:Chamba Valley Fair..MINJAR ! ,July 27,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The International 'Minjar Fair of Chamba Valley, Himachal Pradesh, took off with great fan and fare. A Minjar Flag amidst singing of 'Kunjari' Malhar in the green valley echoed the colorful festive spirit of the season, with holy 'minjars' (maize blossoms) being offered at the 8th century "LaxmiNarayan Temple'" complex.

Dharamshala News:'Online- FIR, Himachal Police, 2009 ! ,July 27,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The Police Department of Himachal Pradesh, is proposing to offer the public, the facility of lodging 'Online FIR' on its website. In the near future this will usher, quick and efficient service along with concern and convenience to the Himalayan people.

Fairy Tale, Beauty and the Beast
Red Riding Hood Tales
Fairy tales 2009

Dharamshala News Alert..A Lesson in Love and Faith..Beauty and the Beast ! , 2009 !

Dharamshala News:Fairy Tale Bond ! ,July 26,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

There are few of us who can forget the warmth and bondage of childhood 'story times' told around, warm fire hearths and tucking under the colored quilt, listening to our favourite bed time tales. Childhood fairy tales, are the best introduction to the harsher realities of Life, for the 'young minds'.

The inevitable lesson of a protective steady and strong roofed home in the last chapter of 'Three Little Pigs' has much to say. Strength of Character and Mind are here to stay, while the Sand Castles in the Air will be blown away by any gust of wind. 'Red Riding Hood' and many other childhood tales , have many classes of wisdom to teach the young mind. The fable of 'Wolf in Sheep Clothing' and the wandering vision of 'Alice in Wonderland' is a fantasy ladder to growing up.

A personal favourite will always be, 'The Beauty and the Beast', where the Beast in all his honest love, sets Beauty free. Perhaps in his heart he always had the faith to believe that, Beauty would return, because like him, she realised that love from the soul was not 'skin-deep'!!

This weekend take a few hours off and bond with the young in your family by 'story time sessions'. You will soon realise much more than our children, we too need all the 'Fairy Tales' in our lives to come true !!

Hillary and Aamir in Mumbai
CM PK Dhumal Himachal

Dharamshala News Alert..US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton with Aamir Khan. Interacting with India Young,Mumbai, 2009 !

Dharamshala News:India Young- PK Dhumal, CM Himachal, Dharamsala ,July 24,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

Prof. PK Dhumal, CM Himachal, while addressing young students of St. Bede's College, Shimla, emphasized on the responsibility of the younger generation towards a progressive India.

Dharamshala News:India Young- Rahul Gandhi,General Secretary..Congress, Assam ,July 24,2009, News Alert Dharamsala! "AAM Aadmi Ka Sipahi Scheme" was launched by Congress General Secretary, Shri Rahul Gandhi with his young Congress brigade in Guwahati, Assam. Under the scheme, youth Congress volunteers will, set a network of AAKS from village to state level and help illiterate villagers in reaping benefits of all Govt. Welfare Schemes, for development for all sections of the society.

Dharamshala News:India Young- Anurag Thakur MP, Himachal ,July 24,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

Young MP from Himachal Pradesh, Shri. Anurag Thakur is promoting Sports Tourism in the Himalayan state. By his innovative initiatives the state is looking forward for the launching of the proposed Corporate T-20 Cricket Tournament. He is also keen on a shared technology platform for Hydro-Energy with the International community.

Green Afternoons Dharamsala
Bodhi Tree at Norbulingka, Dharamsala

Dharamshala News Alert..Green Afternoons, Dharamsala, 2009 !

Dharamshala News: "Rustle of the Leaves..Wishing on a Tree, 2009!", Dharamsala ,July 22,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

.." That which gives us shelter, is sacred."

In India 'sacred grove' of ancient trees are revered and preserved with loving care and attention. From centuries Man has given this legacy to the next generation, so that they can be part of a 'green future'. There are many of us, who have on important occasions, under the gentle shade of the 'bodhi tree', enjoyed many childhood tales and tied sacred 'wishing threads', hoping 'our dreams come true'!

Our Spiritually Energizing Holiday..'Rustle of the Leaves', explores the Eco-Green traditions of our Himalayan State, Himachal Pradesh, India..in all the Seasons of the Earth !

Dharamshala News: "Maayaachi", 2009, Dharamsala ,July 22,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The Integrated Himalayan Studies Institute in Himachal celebrates, the bond between the parents and the girl child. At the time of marriage, as per the tradition of the Himalayas, the girl will plant a sapling in her parent home before leaving for her husband home. This signifies an 'evergreen' family bondage.

Vidya Niwas Garden, Dharamsala
Vidya Niwas Rajnigandha
Vidya Niwas Flowers

Dharamshala News Alert..Pink Lilies at Vidya Niwas, 2009 !

Dharamshala News: Monsoon Madness, 2009, Dharamsala ,July 19,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

With raindrops lashing on your windows, it is time to celebrate poetry..Monsoon madness, touches us in various shades of joy and warmth ! In the first burst of flowers..or the smiling house guests who dress up to welcome the mist and the madness of the Himalayas..This weekend, soak yourself with your favourite prose and delight yourself with your precious moments !

The Four Ages of Man

" He with body waged a fight, But the body won; it walks upright.

Then he struggled with the heart; Innocence and peace depart.

Then he struggled with the mind; His proud heart he left behind.

Now his wars on God begin; At stroke of midnight God shall win."

...W.B. Yeats.

Vidya Views from Garden 2009

Angan Bari Himachal Health Care

Dharamshala News Alert..Anganbari Health Care Program , 2009 !

Dharamshala News: Ambulance on Call (HP), 2009, Dharamsala ,July 18,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The Himachal Pradesh Govt. in carrying forward the Health Care drive, is proposing to set up 'centralised call center', having a fleet of 100 ambulances for emergencies in the state. Through the Global Positioning System - GPS, prompt medical service can be rendered to the public.

Peace India & Pakistan 2009
Girl Child 2009, Himachal

Dharamshala News Alert..Global Peace Drive, PM Manmohan Singh (India) shaking hands with PM Yousuf Raza Gilani (Pakistan)..NAM Summit, Egypt, 2009 !

Dharamshala News:NAM Summit 2009, Egypt ,July 17,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

While attending the NAM Summit in Egypt, Hon. PM , Shri Manmohan Singh, emphasized the need for a comprehensive convention on International Terrorism. The summit was a shared platform for a 118 NAM members, pledging Peace Initiatives for World Harmony and Economic Growth.

Dharamshala News: Moving Forward..Himachal,July 17,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The Himachal Pradesh State Govt. initiated the 'Girl Child Awareness Programme' 2009 and distributed free medicines for the needy. While raising health awareness, CM Prof. PK Dhumal also stressed on the need to improve bank literacy in the rural areas of the Himalayan state. Many easy to obtain, affordable bank loans will be available, under the State Welfare Schemes.

First Ladies India & France
Kangra DC, Himachal

Dharamshala News Alert..Bastille Day 2009, First Ladies India/France enjoying Tune India !,July 15th,2009 !

Dharamshala News: My Favourite Follow-UP,July 15,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

One of my famous favourite English authors, George Eliot, will always stay with me, for some of the most important lessons learnt in 'life' from her narratives. In 'Mill in the Floss', Maggie always in contradiction with traditional circumstances, evolved as one of her most interesting characters.

In one of the episodes, her brother Tom comes back from a journey only to find all his pet rabbits dead, which had been left in Maggie's care. Although, young Tom had left all the instructions and the means, to take care of the rabbits with Maggie..the tragedy still happened ! Tom was careless, in not following up and depending on Maggie and Maggie in all her careless frivility forgot her promise.

Many times, we send money and gifts to somebody dear through somebody, but we forget to follow up, to find whether our well meant concern has actually reached its destination or not. Many times policies and instructions are given, but we forget once again, the inclemancies of human nature and err in assuming the work has been done. It is important to always pursue the end result of any endeavour,for the beneficiary.

For the first time, the Deputy Commissioner of Dharamsala (Kangra District), Himachal Pradesh, India, Shri.RS Gupta has taken the initiative of informing the public his contact office number for any public help and grievances. You can contact him at : 01892-222103. We wish the local administration all success in their effort for bridging the gap, for the welfare of the Himalayan state.

Mill on the Floss

Kangra Rains 2009

Dharamshala News Alert..Heavy Rain Showers in Kangra Valley,July 14th,2009 !

Dharamshala News: News Edition, Himachal !,July 14,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The CM of Himachal, Prof. PK Dhumal, while attending State Press Advisory Committee, has emphasized on a 'single edition' News Daily for Himachal Pradesh. This would impart complete information on the state activities to all the people of the Himalayan region. The Department of Public Relations said, transparency and welfare of the state, is the main agenda of the HP Government.

Dharamshala News: TV India Conference,Shimla, Himachal Pradesh!,July 14,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The International conference on Indian TV is being held today in Shimla (HP). The two day seminar will address various issues on International, National and Regional channels highlighting Theme News, Culture, Social Development,Health Care, Sports, Art & Drama, Tourism, Environment and State Welfare. Debates on Reality Shows and Entertainment will be the highlight of the discussion.

Dharamshala News Alert..Buddha Reincarnation

Dharamshala News Alert..Bodhisattva Karmic Cycle, 2009 !

Dharamshala News:Weekend High..'Nirvana' in the Air ! ,July 12,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

This weekend, follow the path of the 'giving' Bodhisattva ! For a green rebirth cycle, trek on a 'Karma Trail'..Click on the Graphic above !!

CM Himachal PK Dhumal

Dharamshala News Alert..Prof. PK Dhumal, awarding Hindi Writers, Himachal 2009 !!

Dharamshala News:Link Language..Hindi ,July 09,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Prof. PK Dhumal, lauded the efforts of prominent Hindi writers at the All India Story Competition at the Gaiety Theatre,Shimla (HP). He appreciated the contribution of the Dept. of Language, Art & Culture and Cental Hindi Directorate, in promoting Hindi, as a link language for all in the country.

Dharamshala News:Manali to Leh..a Link ,July 09,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The HPTDC, has started its first deluxe bus service from Manali to Leh, across the scenic Lahaul valley and incredible High passes. The journey enroute has a night stop at Keylong, along with local sightseeing of Rohtang Pass and other Buddhist gompas.

Kangra Himachal
MP Rajan Sushant

Dharamshala News Alert..A Date with Kangra Valley, Himachal 2009 !!

Dharamshala News: From the Himalayas..Kangra MP, Dr Rajan Sushant,July 07,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

Dr Rajan Sushant, recently elected MP from Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh, will carry forward the interest of the Himalayan people. A former Minister, Dr. Sushant carries many years of service to the state. He is committed to the cause of improving basic health care, education and rural development. As he is familiar with the needs and problems of the Himalayan state, we have faith and wish him success in his initiatives, for a better green future.

Statue of Linerty , NYC

Dharamshala News Alert..A Date with Liberty ,USA, 2009 !!

Dharamshala News: Independence Day, USA !,July 04,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The Statue of Liberty, symbolising "Freedom of Vision, Thought and Action", for all, was proud once more in its dignity of the crown ! United States of America, celebrated its date with history, on Independence Day under, the youthful impetus of its new Afro-American President Barack Obama. Ushering an Era of Faith and Hope, the occasion marked the new dynamics of USA, as a Global Leader for Peace and Liberty.

Dharamshala News: Himachal Banking !,July 04,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The first 'fully banked' state ' of the country, Himachal is all sit for another first, achieving the target of 'Total Credit Inclusion', with every eligible rural household, being extended this facility irrespective of its financial status, in the Himalayas!

Malana Village Himachal
Roads of Himachal

Dharamshala News Alert..Linking Communities, Linking Roads,Himachal,Dharamsala, 2009 !!

Dharamshala News: A Link of the Hearts !,July 04,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

This year the Himachal Govt. has proposed to link 335 villages of the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh. PWD Minister, Shri Gulab Singh has said that Himachal being a Mountaineous region, roads are important for the people to connect and all the villages should have transport facility for a green progress in the future.

For traffic control due to increase in population, main cities and towns will have by-passes. Tunnels and bridges through the Mountains, will be constructed to connect remote areas which, remain isolated during the snow and monsoon time. We look forward to this vision being fulfilled !

HHDL Teachings , Dharamsala

Dharamshala News Alert..Educating the Heart, Mind & Soul,Dharamsala, 2009 !!

Dharamshala News: A Guiding Hand..A Vision of Peace!,July 03,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The recently concluded sacred Teachings of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama of Tibet, saw hundreds of followers from all walks of life and countries, in His Main temple at Mcleodganj, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India. These Peace teachings, send a strong message to the World that, Global Harmony can only be achieved through, right 'Vision', right 'Action', at the right 'Time'!!

Chamba Bharmour

Dharamshala News Alert..The Legend of Manimahesh Mahadev, 2009 !!

Dharamshala News: A Guiding Hand..A Seasoned Vision!,July 02,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

Senior Oscar Laureate and premier Lyricist and Poet, Shri Gulzar of India, today while attending workshop on "Narrating Women's Cultural Heritage" in Chamba (HP), emphasized the crucial role of the senior citizens, in guiding the society. In a critical mood, he said, " Our generation must own responsibility, for the moral and cultural de-generation, being witnessed in society and stop making scapegoats of the younger generation for the 'ills' prevailing today."

It is incumbent for any progressive community, to understand their role in building families, thereby the society and the Nation towards a better tomorrow ! As per their age their 'karma' and service to the 'young' should reflect their experience in guiding them.

Dharamshala News: Fisheries..Seed Farms, Himachal!,July 02,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The Fishery Department of Himachal is initiating a process, for setting up 'seed farms' for promoting natural breeding and pond farming to encourage sustainable economy of the hill folks.

Christ Brazil
Barack Obama and Merkel

Dharamshala News Alert..Rebuilding the World !!

Dharamshala News: Building Bridges,Building A New World!,29th June,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

There is no bigger Shrine, than that of Universal Peace and there is no bigger Cause, than that of Green Harmony. The promise of a better World today, requires an integrated Global Community initiative, for both these reasons, to ensure the Legacy of a Green Future !!

In his meeting with German Chancellor, Lady Angela Merkel, US President Barack Obama, while appreciating Germany's committment to Green Renewable Energy solutions, has emphasized the need for working closely, as Global partners for achieving this vision of the 21st century !

Citing an old church in Brazil, which was rebuilt after the World War by the synthesis of a compassionate Global community..the President reflected faith that the noble cause of Green Ecology, Global Economy and Harmony would be rebuilt by, all Great Nations working Together.

Dharamshala News: Harnassing Natural Resources, Himachal!,29th June,2009, News Alert Dharamsala!

The HP Govt., is proposing a Water Managemant Board, keeping in mind eractic global patterns of Climate change. This will ensure managing distribution of water to all, harnassing of natural resouces and drafting a stringent policy for commercial and domestic usage. The IPH Minister will also be visiting many regions of the State to familiarise himself with public grievances and water solutions !