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Himachal News

News Himachal.." An Auspicious Journey..Spiritual India Holidays!", Archive 03, 2010..Click the Graphic above..!!

News Shimla..Meeting Change Together, Archive 02, 2010, Dharamsala !

Shimla News : " Help Haiti..Be part of a Healing Universe ", Archive 01,2010, Online Dharamsala..Click Here !!

Shimla News : Follow the Pine Scent ! , Dharamsala News Archives 2009...Click Here !

Ganges India

News Himachal " Calm Waters..Run Deep ", 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"Hope n Faith", North India 2010!, 23 Sep, 2010.

The recent natural calamities, in various parts of the World, have no doubt created an important need for 'environmental conservation' and respect for Nature. We cannot take the bounties of Mother Earth and the generosity of our Healing Waters for granted. It is so essential to keep a balance between 'development' and 'green ecology' on the principle of 'give n take'.

We hope that we can rectify and learn from our past mistakes for a better future, before it is too late !! We pray for the sacred 'Ganges' to be appeased and heal mankind with its everflowing tranquility in the India Himalayas.

Lion and the Mouse..Aesop Fables
Shruti and Vidya Niwas Dogs

News Himachal " Creating Life Giving Energy "!..Spiritually Energizing Holidays, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"Taking Responsibility", North India 2010!, 21 Sep, 2010.

It has been a constant process of instilling responsibility in the young energetics of tomorrow's future. We have got our rewards in our hearts, via our 'holidays' which have contributed towards a growth oriented 'shared universe'.

Story telling sessions and flowing communication are an important part of our healing program. The famous Aesop fable of the 'Lion and the Mouse', where a mouse saves the mighty Lion from the hunter's net, thought provoking for all.

A healthy society runs on the simple principle of 'one good deed deserves another', where every living being, big or small is irreplacable in the service they offer back to the network of a 'Shared Universe'.

Those who are bestowed with the power of God on Earth, must awaken their soul to compassion. When our children look up to the Heaven above, they should do so with the closed 'eyes of faith', which in its turn must bestow its blessings on them.

Take Universal Responsibility with United Nations Cause..Click Here !

Sports India

News Himachal " Mary Kom..Women Boxer of Manipur "!, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"Women Boxing India", North India 2010!, 20 Sep, 2010.

Mary Kom from Manipur, India ,won the historic 5th successive Women's World Boxing Championship gold with a thumping 16-6 win over Steluta Duta of Romania in the recent Women World Championship in Barbados. We wish her more success in the near future.

Indian Cinema
Filming India

" The Song of the Heart "!, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"India Cinema", North India 2010!, 19 Sep, 2010.

The mystery of the Human heart is truly, the essence of celluloid art. As unpredictable as life itself, is the magic of a blockbuster 'hit', where the camera and characters caress the heart beats of a million people. Cinema, from centuries represents, the dormant aspirations of human life. Larger than life characters in less than picture perfect frames..mirror the daily humdrum of living landscapes.

The National Film Awards, 2010 honoured the film 'PAA' with four coveted awards. We wish the Indian Film Industry more success in the future.

Dharamshala People

"Building Bridges"!, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"India Consensus", North India 2010!, 16 Sep, 2010.

The PM of India, Sh. Manmohan Singh headed an all party meeting, to discuss strategic 'solutions' for better prosperity in Kashmir. We hope this national endeavour along with the cooperation of all local and administrative authorities, will help in healing the sentiments of the Himalayan communities in Jammu & Kashmir. We pray for the tranquility and well being of this beautiful Paradise on Earth !

Building Bridges with United Nations...Click the graphic below..!

United Nations

Boxing India

"A Gold for India "!, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"India Wrestling", North India 2010!, 15 Sep, 2010.

Kudos for Sushil Kumar who recently won the World Wrestling Championship in Moscow. A gold for India and hard work finally paid. Our sincere thanks to the coach Satpal who as a 'Guru', came up with an excellent student in the form of Sushil Kumar. Many congratulations to them and India Sports !

Dharamsala Festivals

"A Prayer to Durga Mata "!, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"Durga Puja", North India 2010!, 14 Sep, 2010.

The nine day 'Durga Navratra, this year will start from 08th October, 2010. The Nine reincarnations of Goddess Durga will be prayed with vedic mantras all over India. People of India will fast and pray for a good harvest, family prosperity and good health.

Wishing all our viewers "HAPPY DURGA PUJA, 2010 !"

India Mosques

"A Prayer for a Kind God "!, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"Himalayan Peace", North India 2010!, 12 Sep, 2010.

Our heartwarming memories of Eid-ul-Fitr were marred, with painful visuals of a burning Himalayas in Srinagar, Kashmir. On this rare occasion of joint prayers to Lord Ganesha and Allah, when a major part of India were humble in their prayers, it was saddening to see the tranquility of the Himalayas disturbed and fraught with irrelevant 'violence'!

We pray for 'solutions' which can only come, from the heart of this beautiful valley and the concern of the entire Nation.

Dharamsala Food
Dharamsala Restaurants

"Blending Flavours..Building Families..Spiritually Energizing Holidays "!, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"Himalayan Food Fun", North India 2010!, 10 Sep, 2010.

The spill of laughter and warmth which families bring on their holidays..can take many an ache away. Handling three generations together coming from India and different parts of the globe can give us a sense of being ageless. It has been an enjoyable challenge for us mixing menus,..planning a variety of holiday patterns, for different age groups, each seeking their own vacation high! Truely, Holidays are made of 'story book tales'. A mirror of life more colorful than fiction itself!!

Dharamsala Paintings

News Himachal:"Art Himalaya"!, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"Himachal Art", North India 2010!, 08 Sep, 2010.

An art exhibition of the British Raj was held in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. The new Heritage Art gallery at the Viceregal Lodge, displayed old british paintings for the art lovers of the country.

Animal Care Dharamsala
Vidya Niwas Pets

News Himachal:"Stories of the Heart"!, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"Bob-Bon..a Year ahead", North India 2010!, 04 Sep, 2010.

04th September, 2009..we lost in tragic seconds our loving baby bull, Bon-Bon ! Bon-Bon, although more than five years old, always stayed a baby in our hearts and minds.

Bon-Bon arrived on a rainy night to our doorstep and managed to find a 'home' with us. It was not a relationship of convenience but, one of comforting 'companionship' and 'joy'!!

We remember him for all his funny antics which, made us laugh even on the most bleak day. For getting himself adopted, Bon-Bon would pretend to be a dog in his imitation of them...he followed us everywhere..loved chocolates and bread..adored the dog shampoo, flea powder and above all tattled (mooed..), if any one of our dogs ate his bonanza treat of sweet buns n cakes.

He left behind with him a simple message of love and a sharing 'Universe' !!

India Sports
CWG India

News Himachal:"Games People Play..Delhi"!, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"Delhi..City of Games", North India 2010!, 04 Sep, 2010.

Delhi, where an empire rose and fell before the dawn of history; a city of mysterious eternity, whose old ruins proclaim a majestic and imperial past and whose present pulsates, vibrantly with the ever flowing life of India. The Holy Jamuna River, bears witness to the glorious and tumultuous 5,000 year old history of the Capital of India.

Today, this historic city is home to the fusion of Global communities all over the World. The Commonwealth Games from 03rd October, 2010 will kick start a new pinnacle of Body, Mind n Soul Energetics in the arena of World Sports. We wish all the participating sports fraternity..Good Luck n Good Stay in India !

For more on India Colors...Click the Graphic below..!


World Peace

News Himachal:"Peace in Iraq"!, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"The Withdrawal for Peace", North India 2010!, 03 Sep, 2010.

With the recent announcement made by US President, Mr Barak Obama for withdrawal of US combat troops from Iraq, we hope a new dawn of Peace for the people of Iraq. We also wish a 'happy home-coming' for the young US troops as the youth of the globe are the future for tomorrow !

Dharamsala Festivals

News Himachal:"Sound of Music..Krishna"!, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"The Song of the River", North India 2010!, 01 Sep, 2010.

Radhe-Krishna, is most remembered for His sacred teachings in the Holy 'Gita'. However He is most loved for His 'Raas Leela' in the green forest of 'Vrindavan'. Lord Krishna's melodious music of the the Language of the Heart n Soul ! Globally, today and tomorrow, His sangeet "Hare Rama, Hare Krishna", will be celebrated on his birth anniversary 'Janamashthami'!

Come to me, and I will give to you the 'Song of the River'...Click the Graphic below..!

Himalayan Music

Yoga India

News Himachal:"TATVA..the Power of the Divine"!, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"Energy Tour of India", North India 2010!, 30 Aug, 2010.

Within us rests the power of the divine, which is nourished with the energy of the Universe around us. All our 'Spiritually Energizing Holidays offer, carbon economy activities in discovering the ancient traditions of our country..INDIA !

**Experience TATVA I (Fusion Tour of the Four Elements) in the Himalayas and Northern India..Click the Video below !

Mother Teresa, 2010

News Himachal:"Mother Teresa..A Saint of Love and Peace ", India !, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"Of Peace n Saint", North India 2010!, 27 Aug, 2010.

Celebrating, the hundredth anniversary of Mother Teresa and remembering her compassion for the poor and needy, in the City of Joy..Kolkata, India..brings in a new Hope for the future generations who are downtrodden and weak. May Her blessings remain always with us and inspire us to be good Samaritans in Life !

Indian Diplomats

News Himachal:"Buzzing Vibes..Sky Kisses Earth", India !, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"Mice n Men", North India 2010!, 18 Aug, 2010.

Dependence and Need, define any kind of relationship..making symbiotic bonds the hallmark of today's survival. Between forbidden passion and desire, is the unexplored vision of ecstasy, almost like the buzzing vibes between 'coffee table' tete-a-tete and 'foreign affairs'!

Our cultural traditions in India, many a time give us an insight on 'human relationships' and with so much talk on climate change..war n is good to remember that each one of us must behave as per the relationship. We must not destroy existing 'trust' and 'faith', which is essential in providing 'Bonhomie' all around the Globe !

For Cultural Bonds of India...Click the Graphic below !

Spiritual India

Dalai Lama Compassion
Vidya Niwas Guests

News Himachal:"Creating Bonds, Spiritually Energizing Holidays", India !, 2010.

Himachal Dharamsala News :"Family Holidays", North India 2010!, 15 Aug, 2010.

Our recent sojourn at 'Vidya Niwas', has been an educative trip of the Heart, for all of us! Putting a family together on a holiday, from all parts of the globe, has given us a better understanding of human bondage. Holidays can be shared on a dinner table..a Nature trek..a School basketball match or simply being part of your child's personal growth, while he/she participates in social development programs, abroad in a different soil.

We have together with the visiting families also learnt, to appreciate the delicate 'art of positive nurturing'. Bringing together, different generations on a common platform of 'family vacations', has been the best tribute to our 'Spiritually Energizing Holidays' in India.

For more on News Himachal..Dalai Lama..Click Here !

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