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Dharamsala Miniguide News.." One for the Album, December, 2012!"

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." Himalayan Blooms!"

Spring Aromas !..14th Mar, 2013 :  The story of fragnance, was first told in the garden of blooms. All the flowers had asked the Divine for their eternal memory in mankind. As mortality must have an end, so must the fresh blooms of Nature. After much thought, the Divine bestowed upon mankind the creation of perfume, which was the eternal gift of the rambling rose. 

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." To be on the Deceiving End!"

Tales of Success !..05th Mar, 2013 :  Being in Dharamsala, in the midst of mountains n moksha, from the teachings of HH Dalai Lama to the rustic simplicity of Dharamshala lanes..,

It has been one long journey of learning..success cannot be measured by how it looks on the top,  but by the inner promise it holds for a robust tomorrow..!

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." Wake up Call!"

 Tea n Tales !..16th Feb, 2013 :  Once in the Forest of Elves, there was a small bird who would envy anyone who could sing. One day she asked her divine for a gift. She was gifted by the Gods themselves the Song of Awakening. However, she would still linger in the forest asking for more. She needed a companion who could provide here with the melody of running streams and gushing waters..and so the Gods gifted her with a tea bush who every morning could provide warm conversation and comfort on a singing kettle..

A wake up call is truly a beckoning of the Divine if it comes from the Heart ..!!

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." Dharamsala Chill !"

Buddha Bazaar in Dharamshala !..12th Feb, 2013 : " I have with the Buddha and all his disciples learnt, to accept the subtle differences between a cat and a dog. In the beginning, I did not understand why I was made to wear a warm dress while the cat roamed free..was it that I was more loved or was it trendy among animals to be showing a wardrobe ? ..as the winter chill drew in, curtains were drawn, fireplaces were lit and little me, wisened with the teachings of the Dalai Lama, knew it was simply because I felt more colder than the cat. "

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." Loving Yourself!"

 The Power of Interrogation !..11th Feb, 2013 :  Relationships with your kith n kin, lovers and friends alike, need nurturing along with some intelligent queries with the self. Judging a person at a time when he or she needs us the most is like walking down a blind emotional alley. Cry, laugh or simply loving a person has its corner stone in its journey. To make it fruitful, don't judge a person as he or she has a right to be  what they are. However do treat yourself with respect and follow the same principle with which you judge him or her.

Preserve your vital self as it is beautiful..!!

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." Sunset Hues, Dharamshala!"

 Turmeric Gold !..07th Feb, 2013 : Once in the warm sunshine of South India, there was a plant deeply rooted. It was a devotee of the Sun and even as it emerged from the Earth, it was looking up at the rising Sun.

The Sun, radiant with its glow asked what blessings it wanted. The plant said it wanted to live in the shadow of the Sun. It was gifted the golden yellow color of the sunset because, like the Sun, it always would be followed by the footsteps of tomorrow.

The Turmeric plant in India, besides being used in Indian cuisine, holds an important position in any Indian home. As an Ayurvedic herb or as the auspicious paste in wedding and religious ceremonies ! 

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." A Journey of Should and Could Dharamsala!"

 The Winner & the Loser !..04th Feb, 2013 : Once a King, an astute disciple of the Buddha, in his quest for his Dharma, practiced the giving of alms everyday. On his last journey on Earth, when he was travelling to the Paradise of God, he was followed by a beggar. To his shock when he woke up to the next sun in Heaven, he saw the same beggar being given the seat of honor next to God, while he was sitting at the feet of God with many others. He asked " why a beggar with no position and power on Earth and who had only begged all his life be given this great honor ? " From the Heaven rose this reply..

" The beggar, because he was blind and deaf, did what he could do, begging from all who passed by, on the street. He then asked himself what he should do to deserve this kindness. As a thanksgiving..he blessed all those who gave him alms. It is with his blessings today, that you are here !"

The measure of good 'karma' is not how much you have done but how much you 'could' do and what you 'should' have done, for your profession and society at large, in the position you have been blessed with..!!

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." A Talking Soul, Dalai Lama Dharamshala!"

 Quest for Eternity !..02 Feb, 2013 : Our first inspiration for introducing our Spiritually Energizing Holidays came in a moment of awakening in Dharamsala. His Holiness the Dalai Lama's quote. " Share your Knowledge..it is your way to Immortality ! ", was the foundation for making these holidays which could create a life style where a person could converse with his Soul.

It has been rewarding not only for what we have shared with our guests, but also for the many happy moments of togetherness  we have  had with our divine muse, which exists in all of us !

..Enjoy this Spiritual Journey...Dharamsala Miniguide News

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." Vaidyanath Temple, Dharamsala!"

 Legends of Shiva !..31st January, 2013 : It is said centuries ago Ravana, the demon king from Lanka, aspired in all his devotion to Lord Shiva to bring him to his kingdom of Lanka. For time unknown, he was lost in his spiritual meditation to Shiva in the mountains of Kailash. Lord Shiva was pleased by his faith and devotion. He was compelled by the divine laws to agree to come with him to Lanka as a reward for his patronage.

His consort and all the devotees in Kailash were in deep distress because they could not take his departure from the high Himalayas. Shiva told Ravana that he was always dwelling in the hearts of all his devotees but Ravana was full of insistence. Finally Lord Shiva smiled and accepted his offer and told him to carry his ligam form to Earth with a condition that while carrying him, the lingam should never be  put on the ground, otherwise he would establish himself there, on that sacred mound of Earth.

It is said that when Ravana reached Baijnath  , 40 Kms from Dharamsala in the Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh, he gave the Shiva lingam to a shepherd boy to carry it. The boy could not take the heavy weight of the lingam and he put it down on the Earth, where today, Lord Shiva is revered as 'Ardhnarishwar', by the millions of devotees who throng the Temple every year.

In this area, every year the effigy of the demon king Ravana is not burnt on Dussehra festival, as he is honored by the people for bringing Lord Shiva to their home.

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." The Legend of the Snake!"

 The Himalayan Ornaments !..29th January, 2013 : Eons away, once the snake could not understand as to why like all animals it could not crawl straight. It had to always wind its path in circles to reach its goal.  Lord Shiva's loving caress made it his honored ornament which today is revered along with Shiva, by mankind. It is said that it served its  penance to the Gods as 'vasuki naga', when he was used as a rope during the churning of the Ocean. 

In the Himalayas, the snake is worshipped as the symbol of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. He represents the eternal life cycle of the past, present and the future.

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." Cricket News Banter..Click Here !

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." Incredible India Meals!"

Tales from the Jack Fruit !..26th January, 2013 : An evening meal in India at home in Dharamsala with some of our foreign friends, the melody of the sitar, the air fragnant with jasmine and flowing conversation. 

The talk was going on and I was in a dither, as to what to cook..?

My friends were definitely looking forward to some Indian Non-Veg delicacy. I chose the  Jack fruit all nicely chopped and de-seeded by our man friday..besides there was no meat at home. The indian spices complimented the dish and it goes without saying it was the 'scene stealer' on the table !

" Oh this is delicious, we have heard so much about the tender Indian lamb " Obviously the Jack Fruit had found favour with our guests. The door bell rang and by the time I came back the dish was no longer available either for conversation or consumption.

Later on with the desert doing the rounds, I was asked to give the secret of  the lamb dish recipe,  as to how it was so succulent and melting in the mouth..I smiled and told them, this was the mystery of 'Incredible India', something which they needed to unravel on their own..!!

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." Reality and Illusion!"

 The Golden Rule !..25th January, 2013 : Once there were two friends in a jungle, the fox and the crane. The fox with his cunning instinct ,invited the crane for dinner. He put the food in a flat soup plate with a broad rim. The crane with his long beak could hardly partake any of the delicious meal. The fox with a sly smile licked the whole plate dry. Everyone in the jungle thought highly of the fox for his kind invitation, not knowing that the crane had come back with an empty stomach.

The next day the crane with its natural intelligence, politely invited the fox for dinner in his home. The food was served as was the custom in a thin necked jar. The fox could hardly put his mouth in and returned home hungry. The crane quietly ate all the lovely meal. 

Moral of the Story: " When you give something to anyone, do not do it  merely to create an impression, ensure it actually happens in reality..not an illusion for all to believe..!"

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." The Devil and Me!"

 Rising above the Flame !..23rd January, 2013 : Once the Buddha was asked about his most valuable mentor, while he was in the the state of deep meditation seeking Enlightenment of the Human Soul. His reply was ," While I was on this journey on Earth in a trance of spiritual cleansing, the Devil was my constant companion as was he my most valuable Mentor !"  There was a shocked silence as nobody could see the wisdom in this. Once again the Buddha told :

" I was constantly fighting the evil within me in the search of my Divine. Thus it is by his eternal endeavor, that I have found within me, the virtues of the Buddha and so I must credit him as my most valuable mentor !"

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." Fall from Grace ?!"

Flight of the soul  !..16th January, 2013 : Many many years ago, a small monk child not understanding the vision of the soul, chose to cheat from the pile of goodies kept in the altar of the Monastery. As he grew up, with the other monks in Dharamsala, he attended many times the sacred Teachings of the Dalai Lama and developed a deeper understanding of the Dharma of Buddha..

One day he had to give the teachings of the Buddha like he had received many years ago in the same Monastery where, he had in the presence of God only, cheated on the goodies kept in the altar. Much to his surprise he discovered the same thing had happened again when he came back the next day. Everyone was surprised and one child monk said, " The Buddha had arrived and taken the goodies ". The monk knew this was not true and that the child monk had taken the goodies. When the teaching session was over the chief monk called him and asked him, "did he know what happened to the goodies ?". Looking to gain some points of appreciation he replied that the possible person who could have taken the goodies could be the little monk who had claimed that the Buddha had arrived.

The chief monk smiled and said, " You know about this truth since you yourself did the same thing many years ago, indeed the Buddha had a long life..!"

Many times the results of our Karma, can visit us in this life, through any of God's messengers !

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." Where will I be born ?!"

Cleansing the Soul  !..14th January, 2013 : Many many eons away, the heavenly spirits asked the Gods for their privileged home on Earth. Each wanted their own name.

The Sun flower was given the garden of bloom where, he could always bow to the rising Sun. The Rose was given the forest of Eden where, he could spread his fragnance. However the poor Lotus had little to rejoice. He could not have his share of Earth. After much deliberation the Gods gave him the murky waters of the pond ! 

He that is the purest, he that is the most divine..shall rise above all dirt and evil to enlighten the world with his pure wisdom and light..!

Dharamsala Miniguide News .." Calendaring the Timeless , December, 2012!"

Soul Moments  !..12th January, 2013 : Almost 20 years ago, there were many things happening in our lives, which can almost date us with their vibrant and vivacious memories in Dharamsala. Straight out of 'on the desk job' in the capital city of Nepal..Kathmandu, this was a far cry from champagne nights to the ground reality of the mountains ! 

In the almost chaotic world of growing children, new business and constructing a home..many moments of joy n despair but most of all the fulfillment of living a life, which is still opening new chapters of learning, everyday in our lives..!!

Dharamsala  Miniguide News .." Baby's Day Out..Camel Safari !"

Desert Fun  !..09th January, 2013 : The 'desert' can bring many memories while travelling in India..stranded in the midst of a crowd can find you deserted in wit and action..in Dharamshala, learning from the Buddha, the art of a 'desert' mind, meditation in abandoning all the daily web of life..in the cold desert of Ladakh, the warmth of a tea shop full of welcome n smile, but most of all the 'baby's day out' in Rajasthan on a camel safari..!

Dharamshala Miniguide News .." Gone on Wings... 2012 !"

Calendar 2012  !..08th January, 2013 : The Calendar was crowded many times, of pets, guests, rain n hail..there was too much of food, broken promises on the table and no looking back.

Dharamsala eternity in itself, visited many in their vision for tomorrow..!

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