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Flower Talk, Vidya Nwas

News Dharamsala.."You can hear them talk at Vidya Niwas,Dharamsala !"

Apple Orchards of Himachal

"Apple a day, keeps the Doctors Away !!"

News Dharamsala - A Noble Cause ,August 27, 2008, Dharamshala News !

The Honourable President of India, Smt.Pratibha Patil has appreciated the noble gesture of the Himachal Govt., for donating Rs 10 Lakhs for the treatment of Seema Sood who is a postgraduate engineer from BITs - Pilani, and suffering from severe arthritis for the last thirteen years.

News Dharamsala - Eco Green Laws 2008 ,August 26, 2008, Dharamshala News !

The Govt of Himachal Pradesh is soon amending the Forest Conservation Act, Environment Protection Act and the Non-Biodegradable Garbage Control Act, to ensure this Himalayan state is filled with protected green cover, clean towns and villages and well conserved forests and its wildlife.

News Dharamsala - Himalayan Apple Festival 2008 ,August 25, 2008, Dharamshala News !

The Himalayan Apple Festival is on in Kullu/Manali Valley to showcase their products and the orchards of Himachal.

Mumbai Janmashtami Festival

24th August, 2008.."Celebrating the Legend of Makhan Chor 'Krishna' at Janmashtami, Mumbai !"

News Dharamsala - Week End High : Janmashtami TAJ Travel India Miniguide ,August 24, 2008, Dharamshala News !

'Janmashtami Festival' is celebrated all over India with fun n' frolic. This weekend take a walk down memory lane with your own 'impressions' of Incredible India. Log on to NDTV channel for the 'Seven Wonders of India ' Campaign and give your insight on your state. "As teenagers in Vrindavan, we argued on the spirituality of Love, while gazing in awe at the thronging foreigners chanting 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna'...!!"

Enjoy an enfolding Indian Travelogue in all the Seasons of INDIA at...Taj Travel India

Kangra Tea , Himachal Pradesh

News Dharamsala - Kangra Tea goes to America ,August 22, 2008, Dharamshala News !

The famous tea of the Kangra Valley will soon find its way to the stores of America. Americans can now enjoy the premium tea flavours of Himachal Pradesh.

News Dharamsala - Himalayan Hospitality ,August 22, 2008, Dharamshala News !

The state of Himachal Pradesh having stringent laws on buying real estate for non-himachalis, has now opened its doors to our Himalayan neighbours,..Kashmir. Kashmiri migrants can now reside in Himachal Pradesh as has been the tradition and hospitality here.

News Dharamsala - Medal Time Again in Olympics ,August 21, 2008, Dharamshala News !

It was Free Style wrestling which added the bronze to India. Thanks to the versatile wrestling of Sushil Kumar from Haryana. One up for this hard work and congratulation to him.

News Dharamsala - 'Love in Shimla'..Filming time in the Himalayas ! ,August 21, 2008, Dharamshala News !

Soon the Himalayan state will be buzzing with the Bollywood film shooting of 'Love in Shimla'. Screen veteran Ms. Hema Malini will be one of the main character in this film. Boom time for Himachal !

News Dharamsala - Amazing Windows to Incredible India : Khajjiar,The Mini-Swiss of the World ,August 20, 2008, Dharamshala News !

'Khajjiar' in Chamba Valley, Himachal Pradesh, is known for its serene green beauty and the lush meadows. The name meaning "Kha aur Jee"( Eat & Live), was given by an old saint who was defaeted by the serpent king "Naag". Khajjiar, earned fame as the 'Mini-Swiss of the World' by the effort of Mr Willy B. Blaser the Swiss Consul and Head Of Chancery. A stone of Khajjiar gifted to him was sent to Berne, the capital of Switzerland, to form a part of the sculpture erected outside the Swiss Federal House of Parliament and certified Khajjiar as the Switzerland of Himachal on 07th July, 1992.

News Dharamsala - Rajiv Gandhi Birth Anniversary !,August 20, 2008, Dharamshala News !

On the occassion of Late Prime Minister, Shri. Rajiv Gandhi's Birth Anniversary the Govt of India is hosting the Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas celebrating 'Energy from Natural Resources' !

News Dharamsala - 'Even Walls have Ears'!- Imam Bara, Lucknow ,August 19, 2008, Dharamshala News !

"Even walls have ears !!" , this is true for the ancient monument of 'Imam Bara' of Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh and also known as the Royal State of Avadh ! While on a sightseeing tour the guide will make you stand on the other side of the court. He will then go on the opposite side and light a match..the sound of which can hear clearly on the other side of the court by you. This was used as an effective spying system by the 'Nawabs of Avadh' !

News Dharamsala - Week-End High...Party Glow ! , Aug 17, 2008, Dharmshala News !

With 'Sanjivini' Green drive, we can now look forward to a 'Green Himachal'. The Govt. of India in principle have agreed to give this Himalayan state a 'Host Country status' for its green bio-carbon sub-project.

You know you are a mother, when all your lipsticks disapppear and are found in your son's room who thinks they are better 'crayons'! You know your daughter is in her teens, when right from your highlighter to your skin-toner.. everything just disappears !! Confusing teens and week-end party blues.. so what do you do ??? Just tell them.." Brands dont make personalities..personalities makes 'brands' and there is nothing like wearing your own lifestyle glow to a party !!

"Have a early night, do a face massage with 'Amla'(Indian gooseberry) in a cream base which is also an excellent conditioner for the hair. To make it a habit, amla in traditional 'muraba' form (sweet pickle) is excellent for breakfast and gives you energy, sharp eyes and brains for the day !!"

amir khan

News Dharamsala - Incredible India ! , Aug 15, 2008, Dharmshala News !

The Incredible India Tourism campaign will now have Bollywood popular star, Aamir Khan as its brand ambassador. The campaign will be promoting short films on preservation of ancient monuments and behaviourial guide for tourists visiting India.

News Dharamsala - IATO Convention 2008 ! , Aug 15, 2008, Dharmshala News !

To enhance the Incredible India experience for all tourists, IATO held the Annual 2008 convention in Orissa, focussing on 'Managing Growth' for better tourism infrastructure and training.

Indian Flag at  Independence Day

News Dharamsala - Independence Day India! , Aug 15, 2008, Dharmshala News !

A prayer for Independent India on 15th August, 2008.

"Give to me a mountain as proud as the Himalayas, A river as pure and giving as the Ganges, A land as fertile as Mother Earth herself, A desert as fiery and fearless as the Sun above it, So that my children can weep,laugh and love in the four seasons of this paradise!!"

Wishing Everybody A Happy Independence Day !!

News Dharamsala - Himalayan Rail Link ! , August 14, 2008, Dharamshala News !

The Govt. of India has given the nod for the rail link on the Manali/Leh route. This should make tourism and trade a major boost for the Himalayan region.

News Dharamsala - Anganbari Online ! , August 14, 2008, Dharamshala News !

To provide proper nutrition to the children from poor families in the rural Himalaya the Govt. putting all the 'anganbari' centers in the state online. A noble use of the internet.

News Dharamsala - Anganbari Online ! , August 13, 2008, Dharamshala News !

The Govt. of Himchal Pradesh has decided to open a Medical University in the Himalaya state to help the medical colleges and institutes provide medical professionals in the future. A positive medical drive !

The Chinese Lantern
Olympic Gold Medal 2008

News Dharamsala - Gold India ! , August 12, 2008, Dharamshala News !

Abhinav Bindra struck gold for India. A proud moment of glory for all Indians for this achievement, when he won the Gold medal in the Beijing Olympics, for shooting. This has opened a new era for the coming generations to different Sports activities.

News Dharamsala - Candle of Peace , August 11, 2008, Dharamshala News !

On the 49th Anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day the community held a peaceful candlelight procession.

News Dharamsala - "Think - INDIA" 2008 , August 09, 2008, Dharamshala News !

There is much growth in learning and indeed there is much to learn from the Land which has given the 'Light of the Lamp' to the World! I give this observation as an Indian and dedicate it to the people of my country.

" The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics 2008, was a chapter on dedicated hard work, personal discipline and above all 'national pride'. The ancient wisdom of China, shows in the growth of the nation. Perhaps it is time for us to 'each' take responsibility and incorporate in our children, lessons of national integration and the fine art of building a nation rather than empires.

In a country which can boast of a 'Mahatma Gandhi', to the World, Iam sure we can find it within ourselves to rise to the occasion and put the "country above, the self" !

"Think India"..I believe would be a true celebration of the forthcoming 'Independence Day' !"

...Sangeeta and Arvind Gurung, Vidya Niwas, Dharamsala.

Ancient Greek Olympics

News Dharamsala - Beijing 'Olympics' 2008 ,August 08, 2008, Dharamshala News !

We pray for the success of the sports extravaganza "Olympics-2008" at Beijing (China), and wish every athlete and sport community, their best 'Moment of Glory' in the Games.

News Dharamsala - 'Global Warming' Himalayan Rally 2008 ,August 08, 2008, Dharamshala News !

An awareness rally for 'Global Warming', was held by the local community and children of Kangra Valley.

Mount Kailash Route

News Dharamsala - Mansarovar Silk Route ,August 07, 2008, Dharamshala News !

The Govt. is keen on reviving the Ancient Himalayan silk route from Himachal to the Sacred Mansarovar Lake which is the earliest trade route here.

News Dharamsala - Rural Tourism in the Himalayas ,August 07, 2008, Dharamshala News !

Green Herbal garden is being developed in the Pangi Valley with Govt. encouraging home-stays for Rural Tourism development in the state.

Indian Snake Charmer

Photo credit: Alfred Molon.

News Dharamsala - 'Naag Panchami' Snake Festival,August 06, 2008, Dharamshala News !

The ancient tradition of snake worship in India is being celebrated as the 'Naag Panchami' in all the Himalayan shrines.

News Dharamsala - Mangoes in the Himalayas,August 06, 2008, Dharamshala News !

Mango cultivation is being done successfully in the higher regions of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh.

News Dharamsala - Freedom Torch in the Himalayas,August 06, 2008, Dharamshala News !

The 'Freedom Torch of Tibet' is in the India Himalayas after taking a long route from Greece on March 10, this year and will end in the Himalayas of Ladakh.

Dalai Lama Prayers

News Dharamsala - Dalai Lama Peace Teachings,August 05, 2008, Dharamshala News !

Dharamsala is hosting, the three day Peace Teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet in the monson season.

News Dharamsala - Himachal Temple Security,August 05, 2008, Dharamshala News !

The Himachal Govt. is proposing security models similar to the famous Vaishno Devi Temple of Katra, to handle huge crowd of pilgrims visiting the holy shrines in Himachal to avoid any mishaps.

Naina Devi, Bilaspur
Frienship in the Himalayas

News Dharamsala - Naina Devi Prayers 2008,August 03, 2008, Dharamshala News !" " A Himalayan Condolences and Peace Prayers for the Affected Families in the Tragedy !"

News Dharamsala - Friendship Day in the Himalayas 2008,August 03, 2008, Dharamshala News !"

'Friendship Day' is a good way to celebrate by exchanging bands and praying for each others happiness and good health. A day without any caste, color or religion, to seal the bond with each other !

News Dharamsala - Himalayan Integration 2008,August 01, 2008, Dharamshala News !"

The Himalayan Integration Summit was held in Dharamsala, where youths from all over India exchanged their culture, music, folk dances and got to know the Himalayan Yoga in the Hills.

Manimahesh Yatra 2008

News Dharamsala - Mani Mahesh Yatra 2008,July 31, 2008, Dharamshala News !"

The famous Manimahesh Yatra to the holy site of Lord Shiva the second sacred pilgrimage after Mt. Kailash is starting from August 24th, 2008. This trek takes you to the scenic beauty of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh.

News Dharamsala - Himalayan Mountaineering Institute Honoured ,July 31, 2008, Dharamshala News !"

The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute has been named after the Ex-Prime Minister, Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee honouring his love for the Himalayas.

Himalayan Herb, Kangra

News Dharamsala..Herbal Hub in the Himalayas,Dharamshala News !"

The Green drive and conservation of the Himalayan Herbs will start from 03 Aug, 2008 with palntations in the Hill state. Soon Harad, Behera, Amla, Jamun, Bel, Aloe Vera, Muskbala, Bara, Daroo, Taxus, Ritha, Deaodar, Kafal and Imli..medicinal plants will become popular in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Mahatma Gandhi Peace

Dharamsala NewsQuote for Peace 2008 !

" •An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.

•I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent. "

...Mahatma Gandhi.

**A Himalayan Condolences to the Victims of Terror, 2008 !!

Gaiety Theater, Shimla

News DharamsalaDharamsala:Gaiety Theatre Re-Lives, 25 July,2008,Dharamsala News

The old Gaiety Theatre, which hosted plays and shows for centuries in Shimla during the British Raj, will now have a face-lift. The Govt. is particular that the Gothic structures are preserved while the renovation goes on. A new birth to theatre lovers !

News DharamsalaDharamsala:Disaster Management by SEED, 24 July,2008,Dharamsala News

The Disaster management drive is on now in Shimla area and will educate and train locals how to react and rescue action during natural disaster in the Himalayas !

Shrikhand Mahadev
Shrikhand Mahadev

News DharamsalaDharamsala:Shrikhand Mahadev Pilgrimage, 23 July,2008,Dharamsala News

The awe inspiring peak of Shrikhand Mahadev in Upper Shimla region is thronging with pilgrims during this monsoon period. The 70 feet natural 'shivaling', is revered all over India. Legends say the Mighty Shiva comes to Earth at this time and anyone who wishes here, has his dreams and aspiration fulfilled. A wonder in this Himalayan state !

News DharamsalaDharamsala: 'Khel Mahotsav 2008', 23 July,2008,Dharamsala News

The National Women Khel Mahotsav will be held in Hamirpur this year in December, 2008. This small town will witness eminent women athletes competing in their respective fields !

News DharamsalaDharamsala: Potato & Iron Factory in Kangra , 22 July,2008,Dharamsala News

Soon there are chances of opening of a Potato Factory and an Iron Factory to give more employment to the locals of Kangra Valley and a boost to the farmers of this mountain region.

Alpine Birds, Dharamsala

News DharamsalaDharamsala:Week-End High- Nesting Delights , 20 July,2008,Dharamsala News

This Sunday we had our best tutorial on managing Human relationships from the little swift family which is nesting in our home - Vidya Niwas. We were taking care of our monsoom blooms, the stream was gurgling in front of our home, some of the rain drops had still not dried out on the leaves. Suddenly, we noticed the Mother swift flying and making a noise and getting our dog Tabu's attention, who seemed to understand her needs. He followed her and chased the mongoose away who was trying to eat one of the adventurous babies who had fallen from the nest while trying to fly. We quickly picked up the baby on a newspaper and put her back ! There was peace and the Mother went back to her babies. It seems the world is full of friends irrespective from where they come from..a simple matter of communication and reaching out !!

News DharamsalaDharamsala: AC Tourist Buses for Religious Sites, 19 July,2008,Dharamsala News

AC Tourists buses will soon start from Shimla to major Holy sites in the other states like, Mathura(Vrindavan), Rishikesh,Haridwar,Ajmer for the tourists.

News DharamsalaDharamsala: Clean Himalaya Drive, 19 July,2008,Dharamsala News

The State Govt. of Himachal through the Urban Development Department is going for a Clean Kangra, Nurpur drive to keep the town neat and proper drainage system.

Shiva Year, Dharamsala

News DharamsalaDharamsala: Shiva Monsoon Prayers, 18 July,2008,Dharamsala News

The Annual Shravan Shiva's Prayers to be held for prosperity, peace and harmony with the natural elements of Nature at the Ancient Baijnath Shiva Temple,Kangra.

News DharamsalaDharamsala: Pre-World Paragliding,2008, 18 July,2008,Dharamsala News

The Pre-World Paragliding to be organised at Bir, Billing near Dharamsala. Para-gliders from all over the world to come and attend it in October, 2008. An event for the Air-surfers !

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